January 2017

My Testimony Has Been Strengthened

Last week was awesome! Two people were baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. One of them was in our area and the other was in my old area, so both were technically mine, if you count it that way. But it was truly awesome! I loved it and both of these men are super powerful. Both have been making amazing changes in their lives and it was amazing that Thomas chose me to baptize him! I love him so much. He gives me hugs, which is unheard of in Ghana! Man to man hugs? No way!

Seriously, both of these men have been making huge changes in their lives and they are doing amazing. I have no doubt that they will both aid the great work of the Salvation of souls. One is already inviting six of his friends and family to investigate the church and the other separated himself from all of his druggie, drinking, bad-influence friends. So there’s that. But seriously, I’ve never seen the gospel of Jesus Christ enter into someone’s heart so strongly and change every aspect of their lives as it did to these men.

Because of this, my testimony has been strengthened.

I also gave a priesthood blessing to a man and due to his faith, a miracle was worked in his life. That is also a testimony builder.

Tales of New Years, Old Problems, and Timeless Beauty

New Year’s celebration in Ghana is mostly fireworks: 6am, 4pm, 2pm, 8pm, 2am… you name it. Every time is fireworks time. Oh yeah and basically everyone goes to church for the crossover of the New Year so that “If Christ comes at this time, He will see them in church.”  Yup, that’s how it goes.

Today was wonderful! Seriously, everything was great but one part. I’ll mention the bad before the good by asking the question. Why do I care so much when people are upset with me? Being people, we go through life and it is impossible not to offend others. So why do I care so much even if it is something small? Maybe because I truly see it as not a small thing if they don’t see it as a small thing. I don’t know. I can’t completely focus though because of this that’s going on in my zone. Oh well.

So now for the good! Yay, the good!

Let’s start with the fact that today was the most awesomest, powerful P-Day activity that I think I’ve ever had as a missionary. We went to some waterfalls but not just any waterfalls, Nyamkomasu Falls. It’s in a park that is only 5% developed for people to come and go through. It wasn’t as fun because it’s been very dry. (We technically just started the Dry season) But it was awesome! It felt like Palisades Keppler but in Africa and even less developed. The park has tons of rubber trees (Who knew rubber comes from trees?) And we were shown how to harvest the rubber. A man had these special tools and cut a very shallow strip from the bark and it came out like white sap. You guessed it! It’s super elastic and stretchy. I have some from another missionary who picked it off the tree.

2017 1 2 Ben hiking at Nyamkomasu Falls

Overall, It was fun because of the exploring and I must say that if my future wife isn’t adventurous then I’m gonna suffer…


So I’m sending pictures of that! In the midst of the near vertical inclines of a mountain, I lost my tag, which was picked up by a member of the other group that was also touring it. Seriously awesome trip, though.

2017 1 2 The view through the trees

That’s all for this week!

Elder Gilbert

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