P-Day Football

September 25, 2017

These last few weeks I’ve been trying to focus on families.  And they always love the doctrine of eternal marriage. Though it takes some time to help them understand because it’s a bit foreign to them.

Time is Passing

Mom! I only have 6 weeks left! I’m beginning my last transfer and it’s seriously scary!

I was thinking about it either Saturday night or Sunday night. It was like a rush of emotions coursed through me: Excitement, the unknown, leaving this country that I’ve fully adapted to. My English has changed-o! It will be an adjustment, coming home. 

When I look back, all I can remember is that my first day proselyting I felt like crying, after that I was doing okay though. xD

Oh! Also, we got a keyboard in the apartment so I’m practicing again!

P-Day Activities

We played football this morning, just like last week. And guess what? I wrecked ‘em! I didn’t score too many goals this time, but my pressure game was really good. We played 5 on 5 and at one point when they were starting, I would charge 1v5 and get the ball and almost score. If I could control the ball really well and aim it well, I would’ve scored like 10 times. I had so many chances because I was just really quick to steal the ball. Some people were like, “Is he from Spain? Or Argentina?” Those are both big, big football nations. Even my Ghanaian companion told me that I should practice, and if I can practice well, I’d be a great Striker. Ha ha  I probably stole the ball from them close to twenty times, they were always feeling pressured. Even though I wasn’t scoring well, I always had a smile on my face.  Every Monday from here on out we will be playing


2017 9 25 Monday football game group on stairs 2
After the football game. Yep, that’s me…the Obronin in the back row.
2017 9 25 selfie with football group
A selfie with some of the players.

2017 9 25 Ben and two friends football

My companion is sitting next to me in the first picture. Most of the guys are Muslims. We just had our companionship and one other companionship there that day. We also had a member playing with us. In the district, I’m the only white guy, but that will change with transfers.

I’m the only white guy….       But that’s okay! I’m Ghanaian on the inside!

Ghanaian and Iowan!


-Elder Gilbert

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