Time Passes By So Quickly

  (Original emails dated November – December, 2016 as noted with entry. SG) Busy Times and Short Emails The work is going! We are working with a few people, Regina, Steven, Stephen, and Stephen. I’m literally teaching 3 people named Stephen. Another man named Kofinti who boldly declared today that he would be baptized before Christmas,Continue reading “Time Passes By So Quickly”

Teaching, Traveling, and Tender Mercies

Editor’s note: Sorry for the delays in posts. We have had sickness, holiday visitors, a few weeks of very short emails, and a new living arrangement. I will catch you up in the next couple of posts. SG The Work is Progressing This week we had a broadcast from Utah to the Africa West Area. It was veryContinue reading “Teaching, Traveling, and Tender Mercies”