May 8, 2017 Short on Time Sorry I can't give you a full accounting of the week because of time. I have 30 minutes less to email today. But I will say…crocs for last week. And this week? We roasted a pig as a zone.  Yup, I'm doing stuff. (Tell Saylor not to be jealous, it's... Continue Reading →


Temporal Crocodiles

May 1, 2017 Well, this week there will be plenty of pictures! The reason I'm emailing so late in the day and you probably thought you missed me was because of this…We went to Paga! Get out your maps, folks, cuz it's about northwest of Bolga, following the west road that goes past Navrongo and... Continue Reading →

Day by Day

April 17, 2017 We had an activity where 3 companionships and a senior couple came and taught a whole bunch of Christians at a Muslim school. We gave out 80 copies of the Book of Mormon. It was awesome! A Peek at the Week: Well, from the last email you know that I got sick.... Continue Reading →

Challenges and Changes

April 3, 2017 The Challenge of  Leadership Well, as far as challenges… my companion is going home, so his resolve to work is weakening. Elder Antwi has been a very unique companion, and I absolutely love him. The challenge with leadership is always keeping people happy, hardworking, and obedient. It’s still a challenge balancing nurturing... Continue Reading →

Did you say Hedgehog?

March 27, 2017 Good afternoon/evening from Ghana! So, it's crazy story time! On Tuesday we were going to our chapel for a meeting, District council to be exact. As we rolled up we saw our Elders Quorum President chilling next to his motor-trike. We went over to talk to him. He was talking to my... Continue Reading →

Ticket to Ride

March 20, 2017 Last Week Once a month we travel to Kumasi, like last week, to take care of leadership responsibilities. It takes 3 days; we leave on Wednesday, have meetings on Thursday, and come back on Friday. It's 7 hours one-way and very bumpy. There isn’t much I can do during the trip because... Continue Reading →

It’s Tamale Hot

March 13, 2017 This week was really interesting, filled with a lot of cleaning and preparing because it was transfer week. We got a new missionary in the apartment with the other companionship. He's from Tonga and he's straight out of the MTC. So those first few days, not a lot happened. First Things First…What... Continue Reading →

Grace and the Heat

March 6, 2017 Hope in Grace Things were interesting and crazy this past week. Everything is really grand here. The thing that I really can report on is the fact that I personally believe that we're having a baptism this week (my companion is not so convinced). There is a woman who has been taught... Continue Reading →

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