Survived Then Thrived

Oct 30, 2017

Mission Updates

Some individuals are almost ready: We were thinking that five people were going to be baptized this coming Saturday, but we feel that they need additional preparation. I guess they will be baptized by the missionaries that will be here next transfer. There are so many people who are really preparing for baptism here; it’s crazy!

Recent converts & investigators: The three new converts struggle to witness the sacrament because they’re almost always late. There was a girl that came to church a few weeks back who we found by helping her grandmother make the brooms. She is super busy as a student, so it’s difficult to teach her lately.

A visit from a Seventy: We got a surprise announcement from the mission that Elder Kacher, of the Seventy, will be visiting us this coming week. The visit had been shifting dates for a couple months. President Cosgrave told us he would visit the next transfer, later it was shifted to next year, and after that announcement came the current one. It seems a little rushed and it definitely caught me off guard. This last week is just going to go by super fast, I can already tell.

My companion, Elder Gadah says that I’m different from all the missionaries that he’s known back home. I taught him everything that I could. He has adopted my styles and he’s really an incredible guy.

Giving a Talk

I was asked to give a talk yesterday in church. Since my ministerial card expired yesterday, I wanted to talk about what I had learned from these last two years. I had a lot to talk about. I think I could list a thousand things, but I put it down into five main principles:

  1. The value of uncompromising obedience
  2. The need for meaningful scripture study every day.
  3. How to recognize the promptings of the Spirit
  4. Self confidence and people skills
  5. How critical ordinances are for salvation

It was a good talk, but they had to give me a slip of paper telling me that I need to summarize and finish, so I wasn’t able to say everything that I wanted. I think that the people who liked it the most were the Senior-couple missionaries in the branch and a couple of recent converts. I’ve never been given a note like that before xD

You know, I think I learned exactly what I was supposed to learn from these two years. I just need to hold on to it and stay true to it.

My Trip Plans


I’ll leave my apartment (in Effiduasi) early on Monday morning because I want to visit Asuoyeboah one more time (I just love the people there). Then I will go to town to email before going to the Misison Home (in Kumasi) in the mid-afternoon. I fly out early Tuesday morning from Kumasi to Accra and then I will go through the temple. I’m going to finally get that one ancestor’s work finished before I go home. When I was in the MTC I forgot the paper because they were rushing us to get to the temple. So I’ll do it then! Yay! There will actually be a ton of time, because we get to Accra about 8 am, but we don’t leave Accra until 10 pm. That flight will arrive in Amsterdam by 6 am, Wednesday. Then I fly out at 10 am or so and land in Detroit around 1 pm. I leave Detroit around 3:30 and get to Iowa about 4 pm. Lots of lay-overs; I’m not too excited about that part.

Ghana countryside.

I really wonder what it will be like coming home. I’m so excited but at the same time, I really don’t know how to feel. At my last weekly planning session, Elder Gbettie texted me asking how I felt to be planning my last week of missionary service. My response? Empty. It’ll be strange to have an ‘RM’ stamp. But, I’m about to get there, so I better get used to it.

I can’t wait to see everyone. Will Grandpa be at the airport?! I want to see him so bad! I was telling my companion about him last night and how grateful I am that I worked for him on the farm.

I remember when I first came to Ghana and I’d say I was nervous. I was only scared the first day that I went out proselyting, after that everything went better! The food was extremely strange (sometimes it still is), but I survived it back then, and like the plant that was growing from the crack of cement, I’m really thriving now.

With love,

Elder Gilbert.

PS – We’re going to a Kente village today, halfway between Effiduasi and Ejisu, so we tried to come early because we’re going to have a district activity that is sort of like a send-off party for me and one other missionary in the district. Right now I am in Ejisu at an Internet café to email, because the place in Effiduasi is junky. So on our way home, we’ll take a turn-off, buy some kente, and then right back to Effiduasi.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 3.24.49 PM
An example of Kente weaving.

See you in a week and two days!



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