Being Where the Lord Needs Us

You Never Know Who You Will Touch This week something really cool happened! We met a man who was flat out drunk and he was disturbing us in a lesson with his uncle. He just walked up to us and started asking us weird questions that he could hardly say, let alone understand when we... Continue Reading →


Keeping Cool

The Bugs and the Beeping So this week has been a little nuts. We finally got some insecticide to spray what we thought to be a small cockroach infestation, which turned into a much bigger cockroach infestation as we found out how many there really were. We didn't even get all of them, we need... Continue Reading →

Internet Cafes and Grand Theft Auto

Oh, man! Sadly, Elder Ripplinger and I have had things come up that have caused us to email late in the day, so I don't have much time today. One issue with this particular Internet cafe is that when it gets crowded (like after school), the connection slows way down. After school, the boys come... Continue Reading →

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