The End of One Adventure…..

November 6, 2017 With One Day left before traveling home... Dear Mother, I'm sending this message to let you know that I am alive and well. Things got busy as it was my last day. I went to Asuoyeboah again and I tried so hard to get at least a small email at around 1pm... Continue Reading →


Survived Then Thrived

Oct 30, 2017 Mission Updates Some individuals are almost ready: We were thinking that five people were going to be baptized this coming Saturday, but we feel that they need additional preparation. I guess they will be baptized by the missionaries that will be here next transfer. There are so many people who are really... Continue Reading →

Still Working Hard

Oct 23, 2017 More Baptisms To Come We're planning on having about five more baptisms before I leave, but we'll see if any unplanned back-slidings happen. Three of the five baptisms are actually from one family. They're called the Dubik family. They come from the northern region from a town called Bunkpurugu. Missionaries have been... Continue Reading →

Miracles Still Happen

October 16, 2017 My Joy is Full The Amoako family: Brother Amoako is the father of three and stays in the Effiduasi area. He walked all the way to church yesterday, which was a sort of miracle. Actually, his whole family is kind of a miracle story. You see, Brother Amoako has been sick for... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks

October 2, 2017 & October 9, 2017 I'll start off by saying that the last two weeks have been great! Working Hard Seniagya: We just baptized that family that we thought the father was polygamous and then we found out he wasn't. So they were three and they were so happy! They are a family... Continue Reading →

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