Miracles Still Happen

October 16, 2017

My Joy is Full

The Amoako family: Brother Amoako is the father of three and stays in the Effiduasi area. He walked all the way to church yesterday, which was a sort of miracle. Actually, his whole family is kind of a miracle story. You see, Brother Amoako has been sick for a long, long time. They say he was cursed a number of years ago and so walking and talking were hard for him. However, the last time we visited him, he seemed so much better. I guess the priesthood ordinance has overcome the curse. Here is a photo of the family (the not-smiling for photos is sort of a Ghanaian thing).

2017 10 16 Amoako family baptism
The Amoako Family on the day of their baptism.
2017 10 16 Amoako family with Ben and Elder Gasah
The Amoako family with Elder Gilbert and Elder Gadah.

Kwaku Adu and family: Just yesterday we baptized a terrific man. This man, Kwaku, has overhauled his entire life because of the Gospel. He was a frequent drinker, and he was living with a girl before we met him. We taught him, his brother, and his two cousins. So now the story begins.

We were coming home from a missionary meeting and were carrying a pack of restoration pamphlets. A man just asked us for one as we were passing by, so we handed it to him and added that we would come back the next day to teach him. He was agreeable. This man’s name was Akwasi.

So, the morning of the next day, we called Akwasi and advised him that he should read the pamphlet to prepare for when we would come to see him in a few hours, so we could talk about his questions. He answered that he had already finished the whole thing and did indeed have questions for us. We went and taught him at his work place, where his brother, Richard, was also working.

We taught Akwasi that day and went back later to teach Richard because he was busy the first time.

When we taught Akwasi, we invited him to be baptized and to come to church and he accepted both. Four days after our first lesson, he came to church and loved it. However regretably, he told us that soon he would be going to Dubai. He took a Book of Mormon with him and that was about a month ago. Replacing him was his brother, Kwaku.

They also have another brother named Nana, who joined us for a lesson and then went to college soon after. Missionaries are teaching Nana in Cape Coast right now.

Richard and Kwaku are both incredible. They came to church together and absolutely loved it. Though there were some delays, Kwaku has attended church again and again.

Richard is living in co-habitation, but he will finish his marriage ceremony on Dec. 2nd. He will then most likely be baptized the week after that. We encourage him to bring his wife and children to church. The things we are teaching him, he shares with his wife, and she sees changes in him even though he has been a strong Methodist. We’re hoping that we’ll meet with them all soon and that we can have a family baptism, because he seriously desires an eternal family.

Back to Kwaku. Kwaku bore his testimony at his baptismal service and he is totally committed to this gospel. I’m working with the branch presidency to get him the priesthood and a calling as soon as possible, because he is ready to serve his fellow man.

2017 10 16 Baptism of Kwaku Adu
Kwaku on the day of his baptism.

2017 10 16 Kwaku Adu baptism closer


Happiness and Joy

Yesterday I was just dancing when we were making lunch because on top of this incredible convert, we also had 11 investigators come to sacrament meeting!

I’m not even excited that I have a baptism, I’m excited that Kwaku has been baptized! He desired it so much and he showed us the evidence of that desire in the way that he repented and the excitement he brings to our lessons and to church when he comes. I am so happy for him.

So this is another miracle story of someone just telling us, “I’ve been seeing you pass by all the time, What do you do and who are you people?”

I’ve also been in contact with my recent converts. One, Thomas Kunkyere, who was baptized Dec 31st 2016 is now the Branch Clerk in Obuasi and will be going for his patriarchal blessing next month.

Another one, Joseph Yankey, was baptized October of last year, and is now the second counselor of the same branch.

I’m going to go and visit another couple of converts in Asuoyeboah today.

And another one of my converts is in the relief society presidency in Tamale Kanvilli branch.

Her name is Grace Gray and she’s actually a Liberian (Shout out to Saylor).

I’ll be visiting some people for maybe 3-4 hours, then I’ll get on a tro and get back to Effiduasi maybe around 8pm or so.

This & That

My travel plans: I got my final travel plans today…they are the same as earlier.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 3.20.05 PM

Souveniers: I bought a super nice painting today. I’ll probably get more elephants.

Also, I’ve been thinking about the mortar and pestle. Pounding fufu is A LOT harder than what I thought; taking the food stuffs, cutting it, pounding it, shaping it, it’s not easy…I love fufu, but gettting it freshly pounded is difficult. Plus the mortar is a solid piece of wood and so it weighs a lot. I’m thinking that due to everything involved, I’ll just leave it here with the missionaries. I feel like it would be the king of all souvenirs, but to what end? 

I don’t think it’s worth it. So I’ll just cut my losses and give it to Elder Gadah to take with him for the rest of his mission. I thought it would be so simple, but then reality hit when I was trying to do it all myself from start to finish. Pounding fufu for a missionary activity is actually a very fun activity. And if I take it with me, and they slap a heavy baggage tag on it, that’s another $75.

Talk to you next week. Don’t count the days too much, I’m trying not to, too!


Elder Gilbert

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