Still Working Hard

Oct 23, 2017 More Baptisms To Come We're planning on having about five more baptisms before I leave, but we'll see if any unplanned back-slidings happen. Three of the five baptisms are actually from one family. They're called the Dubik family. They come from the northern region from a town called Bunkpurugu. Missionaries have been... Continue Reading →


Miracles Still Happen

October 16, 2017 My Joy is Full The Amoako family: Brother Amoako is the father of three and stays in the Effiduasi area. He walked all the way to church yesterday, which was a sort of miracle. Actually, his whole family is kind of a miracle story. You see, Brother Amoako has been sick for... Continue Reading →

Pounding, Polygamy, & Twi

September 18, 2017 This Week's Report Again, I am low on time, so I will copy and paste from my president’s letter: "To report on this past week. We planned on baptizing and confirming four last weekend. Only the clerk’s daughter was baptized and she was an hour late to church, so she missed her... Continue Reading →

“Supa” Fine

September 4, 2017 I have to say that this week, I'm feeling “supa” fine! And I’m sending lots of photos. They are plenty! Or as they say in Twi, mo do wo so! Report I spent a lot of time reading my emails because plenty people emailed me this week. I also emailed my Mission President... Continue Reading →

Obronin in the House

August 28, 2017 Where do I begin? The week went by so fast and there is so much to say but the question is how to say it? Obronin I guess the first thing that I will say is that I don’t know what it is about Effiduasi, but there are a lot of drunk... Continue Reading →

Seniagya, Transfers, and Home

August 14, 2017 Transfer News! I'm training my last 12 weeks of my mission! I think it's basically set in stone unless something absolutely crazy happens. That means that I'll have four areas for my entire mission, and ten companions. Seems like pretty happy numbers! I will pick him up on Wednesday, when I go... Continue Reading →

A Farm, Some Corn, and Solomon

July 17, 2017 Just Like Iowa…Well, Sort Of We had the pleasure of going to a farm with a less active this week. They people gave us some food and some of that was fresh maize corn. It wasn’t sweet corn, but you better believe that I served up some amazing corn on the cob... Continue Reading →

Another Transfer in the Books

July 3, 2017 This week was fairly good. I made some mistakes, had some learning experiences; I'm still repenting daily, so it's all moving forward! One thing that is really cool that is happening recently is that we're working with this sister who is really, really powerful. We've born testimony so frequently that the last... Continue Reading →

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