The End of One Adventure…..

November 6, 2017

With One Day left before traveling home…

Dear Mother,

I’m sending this message to let you know that I am alive and well. Things got busy as it was my last day. I went to Asuoyeboah again and I tried so hard to get at least a small email at around 1pm my time, but I couldn’t. I’m at the mission home now just to send you my tiny message of love. I will see you soon.
With love,
Elder Gilbert

November 8, 2017

Elder Gilbert Arrives Home!!!!

2017 11 8 He's home
Elder Gilbert back in Iowa after getting hugs from his parents and walking to greet the rest of the family. 
2017 11 8 Holding Andrew
Elder Gilbert holding his nephew, Andrew!!

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We are all so happy to have him back home after serving so well in Ghana!

2017 11 8 Visiting w family at home
Back at home, sharing his experiences and opening his bags.
2017 11 8 Fly Emerates
Elder Gilbert showing a keepsake shirt from Ghana.


The end of one adventure and the beginning of another….. 

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