Still Working Hard

Oct 23, 2017 More Baptisms To Come We’re planning on having about five more baptisms before I leave, but we’ll see if any unplanned back-slidings happen. Three of the five baptisms are actually from one family. They’re called the Dubik family. They come from the northern region from a town called Bunkpurugu. Missionaries have beenContinue reading “Still Working Hard”

“A Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On” in Obuasi

I Have Been Assigned a Different Area So, I have had a shake up! I have been transferred to a city in the southern zone of the mission, called Obuasi (oh-BWAH-see). It is mountainous and there are many gold mines here (I’ve even heard that gold is much cheaper in Obuasi than anywhere else in GhanaContinue reading ““A Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On” in Obuasi”

“Come What May and Love It”

So this week things happened. After Prayer and Fasting, everything seems to be improving from the inside out. Training is Going Better  Things with my companion are going well. I think he’s trying a lot more to adjust to me, and I’m trying to adjust to him. Sometimes when you treat a cat like aContinue reading ““Come What May and Love It””

Mother’s Day is Now My Second Favorite Holiday

Happy Mother’s Day to All! I got to call home and talk to my family for mother’s day; it and Christmas are the only two days I may call home during my mission. It was so great to talk to everyone! You are my wonderful family and I love you. You are a great supportContinue reading “Mother’s Day is Now My Second Favorite Holiday”

One Constant is Change

A Baptism We had a baptism this week! His name is Solomon. Things are going super well here. In fact, President Cosgrave has called me to train a new missionary coming in this transfer. It’s going to be a new experience trying to build up his knowledge, teaching, and finding skills, but The Lord has called meContinue reading “One Constant is Change”

Being Where the Lord Needs Us

You Never Know Who You Will Touch This week something really cool happened! We met a man who was flat out drunk and he was disturbing us in a lesson with his uncle. He just walked up to us and started asking us weird questions that he could hardly say, let alone understand when weContinue reading “Being Where the Lord Needs Us”