Survived Then Thrived

Oct 30, 2017 Mission Updates Some individuals are almost ready: We were thinking that five people were going to be baptized this coming Saturday, but we feel that they need additional preparation. I guess they will be baptized by the missionaries that will be here next transfer. There are so many people who are reallyContinue reading “Survived Then Thrived”

Another Transfer in the Books

July 3, 2017 This week was fairly good. I made some mistakes, had some learning experiences; I’m still repenting daily, so it’s all moving forward! One thing that is really cool that is happening recently is that we’re working with this sister who is really, really powerful. We’ve born testimony so frequently that the lastContinue reading “Another Transfer in the Books”

Did you say Hedgehog?

March 27, 2017 Good afternoon/evening from Ghana! So, it’s crazy story time! On Tuesday we were going to our chapel for a meeting, District council to be exact. As we rolled up we saw our Elders Quorum President chilling next to his motor-trike. We went over to talk to him. He was talking to myContinue reading “Did you say Hedgehog?”

Bugs, Bread, and Believing

Something Has Got to Change So here’s something crazy. The cockroach infestation turned out to be something so much bigger. We killed all the grandfather cockroaches (the really really big ones), almost a month and half to two months ago, but they must have had babies…. and their babies had babies… so we had a tonContinue reading “Bugs, Bread, and Believing”

One Constant is Change

A Baptism We had a baptism this week! His name is Solomon. Things are going super well here. In fact, President Cosgrave has called me to train a new missionary coming in this transfer. It’s going to be a new experience trying to build up his knowledge, teaching, and finding skills, but The Lord has called meContinue reading “One Constant is Change”

Working Hard Makes Life More Enjoyable

Life is going by quicker and quicker. I can’t believe I’ve already been here for nearly 3 months, but still every day I realize that my time here is short. I want to keep up the days that I work hard and work even harder on the days that I fall short. I have a goal to beContinue reading “Working Hard Makes Life More Enjoyable”

Ghanian Challenges

Book of Mormon Challenge for 2016 This week I started doing something that President Cosgrave challenged all the missionaries in Kumasi to do starting the 1st of January. And that is to take a fresh copy of the Book of Mormon and take a colored pencil, pencil or pen and highlight it’s witness of JesusContinue reading “Ghanian Challenges”