Early January

January, 2017 This week was pretty great! So let me start off by saying that indeed I am leaving this blessed land of Obuasi. I love, love, love it here so much and yet I must go. Guess where I'm going? Tamale. (TAH-mah-leh) It's not (tah-MAH-lee) My last Sunday was filled with mixed emotions. I... Continue Reading →



January 2017 My Testimony Has Been Strengthened Last week was awesome! Two people were baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. One of them was in our area and the other was in my old area, so both were technically mine, if you count it that way. But it was truly awesome! I loved it... Continue Reading →

Time Passes By So Quickly

  (Original emails dated November - December, 2016 as noted with entry. SG) Busy Times and Short Emails The work is going! We are working with a few people, Regina, Steven, Stephen, and Stephen. I'm literally teaching 3 people named Stephen. Another man named Kofinti who boldly declared today that he would be baptized before Christmas,... Continue Reading →

Transfers Again 10/24

 * Editor's Note - This post is late; sorry for the delay. The date is added in the title to show the original date of the email. Hey Guess what?! New Transfers are this week! I'll give you a picture of my new companion next week. His name is Elder Wanadi, We'll meet each other on Wednesday... Continue Reading →

General Conference Week

We Got to Watch Conference This past week we had General Conference! Yay! I actually did get to watch three sessions, one of which was live. The Sunday morning session- which I watched from 4pm-6pm, was wonderful. Although, I really missed the potluck we would have at home between the sessions. I also got to watch... Continue Reading →

Helping Hands

This Week in Obuasi This week we had another baptism. Her name is Sister Vivian. She was a referral given to us by her friend that is kinda struggling with being active. Since Vivian started coming to church and now that she is baptized, she might be the one to help the person who referred... Continue Reading →

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