Another Learning Curve

June 5, 2017 Learning My Way Around In My New Area This week was slow, still feeling my way around the area, trying to survive and learn it fast. Effiduase is a branch. I think about 70-100 members on record, with about 30-40 attending every week. Some people say this is a hard area, but... Continue Reading →


Did you say Hedgehog?

March 27, 2017 Good afternoon/evening from Ghana! So, it's crazy story time! On Tuesday we were going to our chapel for a meeting, District council to be exact. As we rolled up we saw our Elders Quorum President chilling next to his motor-trike. We went over to talk to him. He was talking to my... Continue Reading →

My New Area: Tamale

Jan 30, 2017 The Weather and Family Culture So Tamale. It feels like I've stepped into a completely different mission. It's dry heat, and that is super weird to me. Other than vacations, I've never really experienced dry heat. Yes, I'm still in Ghana; yes, I still feel the heat (and even more so here because... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Ghana

** Editor's note: This is a bit late, but enjoy looking back at Christmas with Ben. Christ is the Reason I recently forgot that there are indeed plenty of people in the USA that don't believe in God. It's been so foreign to me to think about because everyone in Ghana believes in either God... Continue Reading →

The Harder Right

Opposition Tests Our Mettle I don't get the opportunity to talk with everyone I meet, but by my example I can do a lot more than talk, I can show. I think as I progress, things will continue to get better. I really think and feel that sometimes it's only when we get pushed to the... Continue Reading →

Tag Team Sickness and Rain

Well, There's a lot to report this week! Sorry for the delay in postings. Because of a zone conference (which was incredible, the counsel was powerful and it was great to see many of my missionary friends), we didn't get to proselyte on Tuesday. We proselyted on Wednesday, but my companion wasn't feeling well so... Continue Reading →

Internet Cafes and Grand Theft Auto

Oh, man! Sadly, Elder Ripplinger and I have had things come up that have caused us to email late in the day, so I don't have much time today. One issue with this particular Internet cafe is that when it gets crowded (like after school), the connection slows way down. After school, the boys come... Continue Reading →

New Companion and Renewed Energy

Everything is going great here in Ghana! Now that I'm out of training, I feel like I can seriously be self-reliant and work together with my companions as an equal partner when we share the Gospel. My new companion is Elder Ripplinger and he's American and awesome.  I'm staying in Asuo Yeboah and Elder Anderson... Continue Reading →

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