About The Blogger

Hi! My name is Ben Gilbert. I am from Mount Vernon, Iowa in the good ole’ USA.

I previously used this page to document my adventures as a missionary in the Gold Coast of Africa, otherwise known as Ghana. I had an amazing two years serving the Ghanaian people as well as Our Lord. I loved every second I got to spend there. It was truly an amazing experience!

However, life goes on, and so will this blog!

I am now attending Brigham Young University (BYU) – Idaho, majoring in Psychology. I still have the experiences of being a missionary close to my heart and reflect on them often. As such, I have ideas and philosophies that like to share because I have unique perspectives and I feel like I have a clear, mature head on my shoulders due to the fact that I did spend two years in West Africa.


I hope you enjoy my experiences as much as I do!

Below are some of my favorite pictures from my mission.

The Crocodile Pond in Paga, Upper East Region, Ghana will be a memory I will carry with me til the day I die. This was just plain awesome!
Me with a boy named Bruce McConkie. I loved being with these amazing people!

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