Still Working Hard

Oct 23, 2017

More Baptisms To Come

We’re planning on having about five more baptisms before I leave, but we’ll see if any unplanned back-slidings happen. Three of the five baptisms are actually from one family. They’re called the Dubik family. They come from the northern region from a town called Bunkpurugu.

Missionaries have been working with them for a LONG time. It’s only been since I got here that the wife started to listen to us missionaries. Their son, who is 9 years old, comes every week and is eager to be baptized. The Wife has struggled with keeping the Sabbath day holy for some time, but she came to church yesterday and told us that she didn’t sell that morning. I’m hopeful that this will continue, but by next week Sunday we will know if she can be baptized with the rest of the family.

As for me myself, I’m still working hard. Last week went by fast, like a sprinter; but when Mondays come, everything slows down because that’s the day that I really start to think about home. 

Report on Kwaku: Last week I sent a picture from the baptism of Kwaku and I’m happy to report that our newest convert is doing very well. He was confirmed just yesterday (Sunday) and he was so happy. After church he told us that during his confirmation when I said the words, “Recieve the Holy Ghost,” he just felt comfortable. “The Church is true,” he concluded. “The Church is so true.”

He will be given a calling and the Aaronic Priesthood very soon. He is ready to serve and contribute to the branch. I’m sure if he was 20 or 21, he would start preparing for a mission, but he is 26 now.

This & That

Visiting Friends: I went to Asuoyeboah this past week and visited with a convert. Her name is Sister Hannah and I taught her when I was there in 2016, but because her husband disliked the church, she wasn’t baptized until a couple months ago. She’s seriously one of the sweetest people that I know. I’m sure you can tell from the last one that we always have fun together.

2017 10 23 visiting with Sister Hannah from Asuoyeboah
Sister Hannah.

2017 10 23 Elder Gilbert and Sister Hannah

2017 10 23 visiting Asuoyeboah children 2

Pineapples: I never knew they grew like this, I thought they came from trees!

2017 10 23 Pineapple growing

Getting A Few Things Ready: Since I do have two fairly-empty suitcases I’m bringing home, I might buy just a couple more small small things that are nice. I’ve already got some nice wood carvings, a painting, and a few shirts. I’ve started sectioning them out a bit to know what will go to which sibling, but I’ve also forgotten some of the stuff I’ve sent home, so I will only really be able to do that when I get back.

2017 10 23 Elder Gilbert with carvings to bring home
P-day planning for taking a few things home with me. 

I looked into the kente weaver. The kente (Ghanian weaving) straight off the loom is about 4-5 inches wide. I saw some different kente designs in Effiduase, so I’ll take pictures and give the weaver a couple different designs to work on. I think I’ll tell him to make us 3 different designs. I am asking him to make one out of royal kente colors. He does a good job.

I’ll see though. I’ll only buy more things the Monday that I’ll be going, so if there isn’t space I’ll leave it at that. After this, it seems that I can finish my mission with ease! It shall be well!

2017 10 23 New Shirt.JPG

I’m still doing it! I’m still working hard! My entire mission has culminated to this moment and I’m doing it! I’m seeing it through! No regrets!

Talk to you next week, and then I’ll see you a week after that!

With Love,

Elder Gilbert



PS Thank you, Dad, for raising me to be the man that I am today. Father, I don’t know where I would be without you. Thank you. I can’t wait to see you and Mom again. I just love you both so much.

Mom, can you please make taco soup the night I get back? I’ve missed it so much! Anyway, I love you Mom!

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