I Made It! My First Time Flying Experience!

I made it safe and sound, but there were some bumps along the way. There was an hour delay in Atlanta and I and 3 other missionaries had to run to get to the next gate which we had to wait for a shuttle bus to get to. After getting off the aircraft in Atlanta, I found where I supposed to go immediately but I still got lost 2 or 3 times. I met an Elder next to the gate in Atlanta. He was asleep and I sat next to him and I waited for him to wake up. Once he did, we went and ate our last American burgers. We went back to the gate and found another Elder sleeping, and we eventually got to talk to him and finally, a third Elder found us with about an hour before the scheduled flight, but we actually got switched gates to the other end of the terminal. Like I said, because it was late, we had to run across the New York JFK Airport. Getting onto the plane late, I actually found a lot of other missionaries on the plane as well and I believe there are about 16 of us from America in this MTC.

Elder Gilbert

My mission papers photo (above). My new name tag (below).
My mission papers photo (above). My new name tag (below).


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