Elder Gilbert Has Completed His Time at the MTC

Hi everyone,

We received word that Elder Gilbert made it safely to his mission home in Kumasi, Ghana. We don’t know much, but saw an amazing video of him and his group from the MTC.

Some notes:

  1. The small groups in front of the sign were the districts (We believe they are divided by what mission they are going to).
  2. Most of the Africans that report to the Ghana MTC get their immunizations the first day there (Americans needed to have that already done- Yellow Fever, Typhoid, etc.). Halloween isn’t celebrated in Africa, but the MTC doctor couldn’t resist a little medical humor.
  3. Ben’s group had 86 total missionaries (find him on the fourth row, third from left) in the big group photo.
  4. The line of 14 Elders is the American group. Check it out!
Elder Gilbert and his MTC companion, Elder Gardner.
Elder Gilbert and his MTC companion, Elder Gardner.

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