Of Mice and Men, Chicken, and the Pope

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Of Mice and Men…..

So a few interesting things happened this week!

The first is that we have had traces of mice in the apartment. Droppings in weird places like my closet and things like that. The funny part is that when my companion, Elder Anderson, told me about it, I thought he was joking and just trying to freak me out. But sure enough, when we bought a glue trap and set it, we caught a mouse. Then we set it again and caught a second mouse. We have caught and killed a total of 3 mice with one trap. The African missionaries laugh at me when I say that I kinda feel bad when I see the mouse struggling futilely against a lethal adhesive. But honestly, it’s hard not to when the mouse looks so scared and helpless.

Another thing that happened this week is that I learned that I really don’t like hand washing! It’s time consuming and leaves blisters all over my hands if I’m not careful (which me being new with it I’m not very careful).

 Of Chicken…

Photo of a KFC in Kumasi from newsghana.com
Also, an interesting fact is that there is a KFC not too far from my area! On Mondays sometimes we go out as a district for and it’s super good! Not surprisingly it’s very different from American KFC.

Next, on Thursday, I could hardly believe that it was Thanksgiving. The funny part about it is that we fasted that day as well. A holiday where I usually sleep, eat and be in a warm house with family while it has been a cold, if not snowy day was spent in exactly the opposite way. Except for the warm house part. The apartment is always hot.

…and of The Pope

Also I found out this week that I saw the Pope.

Now this is an interesting tale, so buckle up.

So after leaving the MTC about 3 weeks ago, we were at the Accra Airport to board a plane to Kumasi and then later arrive at the mission home. Church missionary standard is to be at the airport at least an hour before we need to board, and so we spent time just sitting and waiting close to the windows to outside. As I was waiting, I saw an old man who was wearing all white in clothing that I normally see the Pope wear who was hurried from the airport doors to a nice van with an escort and everything. As I was watch the situation unfold, I pointed out to the person next to me, “Hey I think thats the Pope.” But we quickly dismissed it because why would the Pope be in Africa, let alone Ghana? But this week I found out that he really was in Ghana! I think he’s been taking a tour to a lot of African nations and Ghana was a stop for him. So I was less than 50 feet away from the Pope at one point! How neat!

However the funny part is that the other missionaries and I were more excited about the group of 9 missionaries we saw that were going home that were waving to us.

And so that was the majority of the week! That and I’m spending a lot of free time studying like after eating during the hour for lunch and dinner. I’ve finished Our Search for Happiness by Elder M. Russel Ballard. What a wonderful read!

So until next time!

I love you all, and I love the Lord!

Elder Gilbert

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