Merry Christmas From Ghana

This is a photo of 1/3 of the mission. I am in the back row, on the left side.

So this week was a bit slow, but I’ve been getting more adjusted to the work each day! We’ve faced a lot of disappointment with investigators not progressing and different things like that. However, just as I’ve said before, I’m getting more and more used to Ghana each day!

My hand washing skills are improving and my hand is finally tough enough to handle the scrubbing! I haven’t been sending photo’s home of my wounds from washing, but believe me, they happen. My cooking skills are improving and I’ll be able to stomach anything when I get back. I really will want to cook a nice Ghanian meal for my family on Christmas 2017. And just as I tweeted before I left, I really want to just grow out my facial hair for that Christmas as well. I’ll have 2 months to do it, so I think it’ll be good!

Speaking of which, I’m already starting to notice the physical changes that come with simply aging. I have been getting more facial hair that grows more quickly and I bet I’ll have grown a couple inches by the time I get back. For example, where I used to only need to shave once every 4 days, I’m now getting down to every other day. It’s obviously not to that of Nolan or Will Teubel caliber, but I’m sure by the time I get back it will be!

I’m also very excited for Christmas this Friday! I’ll be very happy to continue Christmas Traditions on Thursday of Reading Luke 2 and watching Joy to the World. We have a copy of it at the apartment. I’ll also be very happy to get to call home, something that I’ll only be able to do 4 times across the whole 2 years! Family is so dear to me and I cherish the opportunity to be able to talk to them.

With Christmas coming this week, I want to say that I know that Christ lives. That he is the reason why we celebrate and we should try to emulate what he would want of us. We should always strive to be more like Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, everybody who has faith in Christ and wants to be more like him is a very good thing. No matter what we’ve done, we can always turn to The Savior of the world and he will still love us.

I love My Redeemer and I love all of you.

Until next week!

The Iowan in Ghana,

Elder Gilbert

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