Three Months

Change is the Only Constant

This week was pretty exciting because:

  1. Transfer news came.
  2. I’m getting a new companion, Elder Ripplinger.
  3. I’m out of training which means that I’ve officially been on mission for 3 months!

This week was also weird because I was in a three-some companionship due to an emergency transfer that happened last week. We combined two areas and it wasn’t easy because both of the areas are geographically very big.

My new companion, Elder Ripplinger, is an American, very hardworking, and it’s his last transfer before he goes home. I hope to learn a lot from his example of obedience and hard work.


We are teaching a woman who has been learning with us for over six months. She has had a hard time progressing, but she doesn’t want us to stop coming over and teaching her. She’s also what we call “Menti Broffel” which means “I don’t speak english.” So after transfers we’ll have 2 Americans and we’ll definitely need a member to go with us if we want to teach her anything in Twi.

We’re also teaching a very nice young man who is progressing. He has talked a lot about really searching for the truth and he’s been to a lot of different churches and pastors and such. If he continues to keep commitments, he’ll probably be baptized this coming month. He’s really cool! He has a very nice style that I appreciate very much.

Well that’s it for this week. I’m working hard on improving myself. Sometimes I get frustrated as we all know that I can, but I take a breather, say a prayer, and continue on.

Thanks so much to everyone.

Elder Gilbert

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