Another Week in the Books

The Work of the Gospel Moves Forward

This week was another hard working week! Thankfully we didn’t have to travel to Kumasi, but we will next week and the week after. I’m getting pretty tired of that bumpy, curvy road.


2016 8 15  Elder Nuamah from Takoradi
Elder Gilbert with his current companion, Elder Nuamah from Takoradi, Ghana. 

I SO wanted to send you pictures this week, I took like 20 to send you today… But because we were in a rush to get to some leadership responsibilities, I totally forgot it…sorry. I do have one though. Elder Bednar came and spoke to us.

2016 8 29 Group photo with Elder Bednar
Last week Elder Bednar came to Ghana and spoke to us. Here is a photo of the Kumasi Mission with him. Ben is in the center, just a little to the right and above Elder Bednar (man in the front center with the light blue tie).

I am still working on learning to play “Come Thou Fount” on the piano and I can play most of it really well. I might finish out the kinks tonight or something. On Preparation days, we still do proselyting, but because it is easier (much, much easier) to proselyte in the morning-early after noon, we do that rather than 6pm-9pm. In fact, we take our Dinner by 8 to fit our proselyting. Many reasons entail, I’ll just say that it’s because thats the part of the world we’re serving in.

Some Information For My Momma Who Worries About Me

Also, I am trying to eat a more healthy diet, which is rather difficult here. I try to get one fruit and one vegetable in me each day, but when I start running out of money, I have to make do. There is no fresh milk in Ghana (at least not really). And American stuff is EXPENSIVE! A block of cheese costs an upward of 150 Cedis. I just bought some sesame seeds that I plan to eat every morning to continue to be healthy and I try to drink a bottle of Soy milk. I’ve also been working out (exercising) a bit and trying to get stronger and faster all the time, even though I don’t really get to run very much. I’m not sure why I’m so motivated to do this, but I am. I feel like I need to take better care of myself physically. I dunno what I can do next though. My supplies are rather limited.

Another Elder left behind a Rubik’s cube, so I mess around with it in some of my down time.  My personal record for the Rubik’s Cube is 1 minute 29 seconds.

I so wish I had my camera to send you those pictures. But some good things are happening in our area! When I send my next journal home, you’ll get all the day by day stuff that I just can’t think of right now.

I’ll keep trying to let God shape me into who he needs me to be.


Elder Gilbert

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