Helping Hands

This is Ben with some children from the branch before a baptism.

This Week in Obuasi

This week we had another baptism. Her name is Sister Vivian. She was a referral given to us by her friend that is kinda struggling with being active. Since Vivian started coming to church and now that she is baptized, she might be the one to help the person who referred her to us. Funny how things like that work. This time, Elder Nuamah did the baptism and we have another one planned for next week.

Also, I’ve been playing the piano for my branch for the past 3-4 weeks now. I’m not perfect, in fact sometimes I fumble hardcore, but I try my best and the congregation appreciates it. I’m working my way up from the Simplified Hymnal to the real deal hymnal. It feels really, really good to contribute like this.

Another really cool thing that happened this week is that I actually drove fufu. That means that I was the one who was sitting down and I was pushing the fufu around to make sure that it’s all evenly pounded. If you watch a video it looks kinda scary, but I was a natural so it was really easy for me. You just make sure it stays in the middle of the mortar and stay in between the beats of the pestle.

Do you remember several months ago Ben tried pounding the fufu? Well, now he is the one moving it around in the bowl. It’s a much harder job. 

To answer your question dad, transfers were two weeks ago. The next one will be four weeks from now.

Update On My Blisters

My hand is doing well, or pretty well, all things considered. I had to wash clothes with my feet a couple times because my hands were paining me. I had to just deal with it as we went out and around. The funny part is, I write and greet people a lot and because of where my biggest blister is on my pointer finger, both of these actions were very hard on it. I had to put on bandages only to take them off a couple hours later because of eating, drinking, washing, or other things with water. It was kinda funny, but I was also worried that I bled on some people after we slapped hands in salutations.

The Seasons Change Here, Too…Well Sort Of.

After hearing about autumn coming to Iowa, man, I wish seasons would change here. They kinda do. There’s the rainy season, the mango season, and the dry season, but it’s always so hot that it’s hard to tell when they change. I can’t tell if it makes the time go faster or slower, but it’s all the same two years, right? I really can’t wait until next mango season though.

An Interesting Thought

To contribute to what you said about Christ, dad,  Elder Bednar wrote a song called “One by One” and it is about how Jesus Christ personally suffered for us one by one. How Elder Bednar said that he is convinced that each one of us spiritually stood next to Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane as he suffered for our sins. That really puts a different perspective on things for me.

Some More Shout Outs

 I love you with all my heart, Dad. I can’t wait until we meet again. Send my greetings and love to Grandpa, okay? I love him. BE SURE to tell him that I’m working hard and that I owe a lot of thanks to him for engraining this quality deep within me. Both you and he did that for me. Thank you. It was from your example and your instruction that I learned how to work.

I also heard about the MVLXC filling up sand bags for the flood. That’s flipping awesome that they did that!  I know Jack was enjoying it. Not that he got a thrill from filling bags with sand, but that he would feel good knowing it was the best thing to do. Man, I would’ve loved to have been a part of that service.

Until next week!
Elder Gilbert

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