Did you say Hedgehog?

March 27, 2017

Good afternoon/evening from Ghana!

So, it’s crazy story time! On Tuesday we were going to our chapel for a meeting, District council to be exact. As we rolled up we saw our Elders Quorum President chilling next to his motor-trike. We went over to talk to him. He was talking to my companion in Twi about something, and then I noticed what they were talking about. He had found a hedgehog the night before.

I understood that my Elders Quorum President was planning on eating him. Well, I couldn’t let that happen. So, I picked him up and my companion said that since he’s going home in 3 weeks, he would take him home. This is how we saved the life of an adorable hedgehog. The neat part about having him with us is that he’s nocturnal, so we never have to worry about him during the day. We just close him up into the main hall during the night and leave out some nuts and water. He really likes to just run around. That’s also really neat to watch. I’ve been in Tamale getting close to two transfers, now. I’m staying because my companion is going home and you really can’t white wash zone leaders. So I’m heading into ten months as a zone leader soon.

2017 4 17 The Hedgehog.JPG
Here is the adorable little hedgehog.

We had zone conference this past week and it was awesome! I think my favorite part was when I was in an interview with President Cosgrave. I trust that man so much, and I can tell that he trusts me too, so much so that when I say something, he knows I believe it with all my heart to be the truth.


What is the size of your branch in Tamale? The branch is a little bit bigger than just that, but pretty much everyone showed up for Grace’s baptism. We have a senior missionary couple here from Arkansas. Their names -Elder and Sister Renfroe. They know Elder Bednar personally and they’re awesome!

Is there any chance that you could be sent to an area where missionaries haven’t been there yet? It would be nice to open up a new area, but nowhere in Ghana has the church sent missionaries where members were not already there. Mostly for Wa and other places, it’s returned missionaries and others who were baptized in the south that go north for school and stay there after graduation. I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but if there are no members in a town, there’s no branch and no branch, no missionaries. That’s kinda the rule here.

Dad, I’m learning so much out here, especially about leadership. I’ve got about seven months left, and the only hard part about being here is just missing being with you and Mom. It comes in waves, definitely. But I’m so happy to be here in Ghana and also Tamale. It’s a super blessing to me, to you, and the family. I know that for sure.

Take care everyone,


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