Ghanian Challenges

Book of Mormon Challenge for 2016

This week I started doing something that President Cosgrave challenged all the missionaries in Kumasi to do starting the 1st of January. And that is to take a fresh copy of the Book of Mormon and take a colored pencil, pencil or pen and highlight it’s witness of Jesus Christ. I happily took this challenge and I love the results from it.
I decided to use…

red for the names of Jesus Christ,

orange for quotations from Christ, and

blue for prophecies about Christ.

I also write in the margin and in the back insights that I grab from really studying this holy book of scripture. In turn I challenge all of my family and friends who are members to seek a fresh copy and start doing something similar. And for my friends who aren’t members, try it with the Bible! Your witness and testimony that Jesus Christ lives will grow!

After I finish with the Book of Mormon, I hope to try it with the Bible as well.

This photo is Elders Anderson and Gilbert.  It was really cold so they put on warm sweaters… and asked themselves, “Is this really Ghana?!”

Music Challenge

Something interesting is that I often find myself saying to the other missionaries in the apartment that music is my weakness. And because music is my weakness Heavenly Father sent me to West Africa, where music is Everywhere. To quote Elder Bbosa in the apartment, it is a test to be in the world but not of the world.

My email would be longer, but I sent a long personal one to my dear mother.

So to everyone –  Make 2016 great! Happy New Year!

Everyone’s favorite Elder Gilbert,
Elder Gilbert

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