Twi (ch-wee) Language and Food

So Twi is very hard. Sometimes it hardly makes any sense, but I am trying very hard to learn. It means a lot to the Ghanian people!

Here is a sample of the language:

Sample text in Twi

Sample text in Twi


A cow was grazing in a field of grass.
This field was near a pond which was full of frogs.
When the frogs saw him some of them exclaimed, “This fellow is extremely big.”
Just as they said this, one of the frogs remarked, “I can blow myself up as big as this cow.”
No sooner had he said it, than he began to blow himself up, and he went on blowing until he burst.  


And since my companion is Ghanian, we do teach in Twi. The entire church service is pretty much in Twi in the Asuo Yeboah wards. It’s hard to keep focused during Sunday meetings when I understand very little of what’s being said. But I’m still trying to learn it on my own.

Also since last transfers came, we have a new elder that loves to cook, I’ve kinda halted my learning of how to cook. I still know what I know, but I’m not really learning anything new. He makes me over-eat a lot. At one point after a big lunch and 2 surprise free meals, I went back to the apartment and weighed over 145 lbs.


Here is Elder Gilbert pounding some dough to make Fu Fu, a Ghanian staple. The woman sitting down is moving the dough between the pounds of the stick.
Still pounding. It takes a long time to make the dough.


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