New Companion and Renewed Energy

Everything is going great here in Ghana!

Now that I’m out of training, I feel like I can seriously be self-reliant and work together with my companions as an equal partner when we share the Gospel. My new companion is Elder Ripplinger and he’s American and awesome.  I’m staying in Asuo Yeboah and Elder Anderson has been Transferred to Obuasi. (So many fun names I get to talk to you about in 20 months or so!) I’m working harder than ever before and it’s very satisfying. I feel the Spirit in abundance and it’s wonderful.

Photo by Philippe J. Kradolfer from “Ghana Everyday Life.”

We’ve been finding more people prepared by the Lord to receive His gospel. Recently we started teaching a man who shared an experience he had had the week before where he was lying on his bed resting and a thought entered his head to “give the Book of Mormon a try.” His story is powerful.  We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he started reading on his own. I can tell he’s a faithful person and very motivated because he finished four chapters by himself!

This week we also experienced the sadness of having a progressing investigator have to tell us, against his will, to stop visiting him. His father told him he would have to leave the house if he continued meeting with us. This young man is under age, but he was growing in faith and testimony. It was very sad.

I will continue to work hard because I like the satisfaction that comes from it. Dad was right when he said the hard work and feeling the Spirit in greater degree go hand-in-hand. It’s a good feeling!

Still striving,

Elder Ben Gilbert

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