This Week Went by Really Fast

Shoot! I forgot my camera cord today. 😦    I will send more pictures next week. I promise. I also need to be taking more. I’ve been so focused on working hard that I forget to take out my camera.

Can’t Stop Sweating

This week was really really fast. The more I lose myself in the work, the faster time goes by. But I’m trying to savor every moment as well. I’m still eating well and taking care of myself. I’m missing track season, but thats the way it goes! Ghana is getting waaaay hot though. If you think you Iowans are suffering because of the cold, just keep me in your thoughts, because I can’t stop sweating, not when I’m indoors, not ever. But that’s Africa for ya!

Grateful for So Much

I am so grateful that I have this time in Ghana. I know I will be thinking and reminiscing about these 2 years for the rest of my life!  I can’t sleep them away, I can’t have any regrets or delayed blessings. I need to be constantly and consistently striving to be like Christ!

This week I’d also like to express my sincere gratitude for letters. I’ve only received a small number, but I cherish them. IF you haven’t received a response yet, perhaps it is in the stages of being written or sent. I do really like letters though, they’re pretty awesome.

Thats all for this week! Next week I’ll spend more time on the weekly report (hopefully)

With Love,

Elder Gilbert

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