Bugs, Bread, and Believing

Something Has Got to Change

So here’s something crazy. The cockroach infestation turned out to be something so much bigger. We killed all the grandfather cockroaches (the really really big ones), almost a month and half to two months ago, but they must have had babies…. and their babies had babies… so we had a ton of smaller ones everywhere.

I knew it was too much when I left some food on the table when I went to go shower and when I came back there was a cockroach on it. Except, I didn’t realize it when I picked it up, nor did I realize it as I put the bit of bread in my mouth… I felt it crawling on my hand and down my arm and immediately slapped it off my arm, stomped on it, threw the bread back on to the plate, and pulled the bit of food out of my mouth. I was in shock and awe and my appetite had vanished.  Needless to say we’ve really been working hard to take care of the mess.

Progress Report

An update on the older man that we’ve been teaching: He told us that he just likes to think about what we write down and what we tell him. The last time we met he said, “You know, this just makes sense! I’ve been able to answer so many questions that I haven’t before, because it all makes sense!” I love to see how he applies studying and sincerely thinking about what we discuss; it’s amazing.

FYI- Elder Gbettie is from Tema, Ghana, the same as Elder Anderson. In fact, they knew each other before coming to the field.

Other than that, time is passing by both fast and slow and we’re trying to always be better and help others.


Elder Gilbert

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