The Real Elder Gbettie

Sorry, Wrong Photo

Sorry mom, I sent you the wrong photo last week. That was actually Elder Precious who is one of the other Elders in my apartment, but not my companion.

This is the real Elder Gbettie, Elder Gilbert’s new companion from Ghana. This photo was taken inside the Internet cafe where they go to use a computer once each week to write home.  It is also where all the youth go to play Grand Theft Auto after school. 

Another Week

So this week went by fast, but it was good. Training is going, and going. I think the hardest part is just having a new missionary who is still adjusting to missionary life/missionary work. But it’s still all good.  I’m still working hard on really getting and always being able to recognize the Spirit.

This week was pretty average. The whole experience of missionary work is getting to be more “normal” for me. For example, even yesterday, I was eating a dish called Cocontain (I think) which is pretty much like Fufu. I was thinking, This is all normal. It’s Africa, but it’s getting normal for me.

One other thing: I recently saw a picture of Amelia and holy moley! She’s toooo big!

Life is good, God is Great, and this work is sweet!

(I’m running short on time, so I’m very sorry that it isn’t longer)


Elder Gilbert

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