“Come What May and Love It”

So this week things happened.

After Prayer and Fasting, everything seems to be improving from the inside out.

Training is Going Better

 Things with my companion are going well. I think he’s trying a lot more to adjust to me, and I’m trying to adjust to him. Sometimes when you treat a cat like a dog it ends up hating you. That’s kinda what I went through, but now I’m treating the cat like a cat. Take that parable/metaphor in the best way possible, because thats how I mean it.
Honestly, we’re much better friends now. He’s cool, and sometimes some days are better than others for him. It took me some time to figure that one out and be sensitive to it.

Also, I have found that as we are becoming better friends, he listens to me more. In turn I’ve been trying to listen to his advice more and apply it in the work. As such, we’re working harder and things are progressing well. We have a couple people preparing to be baptized on the 12th of June.

The Work is Speeding Up

There was a woman who walked into church Sunday morning because of the way our chapel looks. We met with her and she told us, “I never knew a church could be like that!” She really loved it. She came again yesterday and I can tell she’s really gonna progress.

On the other hand, we had a couple people who came to church who said that they didn’t like it because we didn’t have drums, dancing, jumping or shouting. Funny huh? There’s a lot of culture and popular things that seep into other churches. It’s interesting how loud they get on Sundays.

Odds and Ends

The cockroach infestation is gone!  Well, almost – we had someone come and spray in the apartment, but they’re not all gone. As long as they don’t try to kiss me in my sleep, I think I’m okay.

I hit 7 months old on my mission yesterday. Still crazy. I’m almost 1/3 the way through my mission.

Also, something interesting about Twi. “Bonsam,” which means devil or satan also means spider. Go figure.

2016 5 8 football 3
Playing a little “football” with some children. They are really good.

Things are looking up.  Let’s hope and pray for a good week, and then have the faith to do the works to get it there – whatever happens!  Like Elder Wirthlin’s mother told him, “Come what may and love it!”

Also, tell Aiden I really want to play catch with him when I get back. Just something I was thinking about recently. I really want to play catch with him.

Best to all,

Elder Gilbert

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