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Well, There’s a lot to report this week! Sorry for the delay in postings.

Because of a zone conference (which was incredible, the counsel was powerful and it was great to see many of my missionary friends), we didn’t get to proselyte on Tuesday. We proselyted on Wednesday, but my companion wasn’t feeling well so it wasn’t very effective. On Thursday, my companion was worse and he basically slept the whole day because he had a serious sinus infection. I stayed inside and tried to stay busy with study, chores, and other things. It also rained very hard on Thursday, the hardest it’s ever rained while I’ve been in Ghana.
2016 6 20 Rain Running in the Street
It’s a bit dark, but this is a photo of some of the rain we’ve been having.

On Friday, I was having a bit of a headache, but I didn’t think much of it especially when a missionary from the other area in our apartment asked if I wanted to work in both areas and go on exchanges that day. I agreed even though I wanted to rest because I thought of a quote from Elder Holland “You can have what you want, or you have something better” Well it turns out that it may have been better for me to rest, because I was down for Saturday and Sunday. I was even vomiting Saturday night. With my experience with Lyme disease, it sure felt like Malaria. It may have just been something like a bad virus though. The interesting part is that just like last time, I received a priesthood blessing, vomited, and then my fever broke and I felt much better. Our recent Convert, Peterson, came to church on his own, and was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost. He’s a powerful guy and I’m really happy for him.

So that was the week. Basically my companion and I took turns being sick.

And I’m being transferred out of Kumasi next week. I’ll let you know more when I know more.

I know everything will work out.


Elder Gilbert

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