Lots Going On

August 1, 2016

I had an experience this week; President Cosgrave came south side to Obuasi for a surprise meeting. He expressed his concern and love for us, and told us that we are all his surrogate children. He then gave each Elder a hug as his wife gave each Sister a hug. Dad, it felt like it was you hugging me and I began to tear up almost immediately. I quickly suppressed it, but I walked away with such a fantastic feeling. As I continued on my studies that day (he came early in the morning) I pondered over that hug and what it means to me. I then thought about what would happen if I lived my life in such a way that at the last day, my beloved Heavenly Father embraced me and said “Well done, my son” I couldn’t contain myself as the tears started to flow. I want to make you and God so happy.

Transfers are this week and something crazy’s happening! So, you know how I was assigned to be a district leader this past transfer? Well, The Lord apparently has something more for me, because now I’m a Zone Leader. Because the Mission is losing Elders, they pushed my area and the current zone leader’s area together into 1 area and they took one missionary from each companionship and now I’m the Zone Leader with him. Crazy. I will magnify my calling and serve with full purpose of heart. Just the way He would want it.

Other than that, this week was pretty uneventful. As I was proselyting yesterday though, I was teaching under a tree and a bird pooped on my shoulder. Thankfully my companion took care of things by scooping it off with a leaf. That’s a real companion right there. I didn’t even break stride with answering the question either, Yeah!

Have a good week!

Oh, I officially turned 9 months on mission this past week. Time is only speeding up!

2016 8 1 Elder Kortu
Elder Gilbert with companion, Elder Kortu from Liberia. 

August 8, 2016

This past week was Craaaazy. With organizing transfers, getting a new missionary in our zone, and moving people around from different apartments, we were very busy. This next week will be even busier with 2 trips to Kumasi throughout the week for various meetings and conferences. It’s insane how much you don’t see behind the scenes and how much you don’t know until you experience it. But wow, what an experience so far. I just hope that I can continue serving those who serve, well.

I’m so sorry, I would like to send the photo of my new companion, but Elder Nuamah and I are in a badly lit, crowded, internet cafe and it would be difficult right now. However, I do have a photo of my “lineage” A line of trainers leading up to the missionary I trained.

2016 8 8 Ben's %22lineage%22 of trainers
A missionary “lineage” photo- from left to right: Elder Gbettie who was trained by Elder Gilbert, who was trained by Elder Anderson, who was trained by Elder Makuni (from Zimbabwe).

Time is continuing to speed up, Let’s keep praying that I can serve the Lord with full purpose of heart and enjoy it while it is still in my hands.


Stay Strong,

Elder Gilbert



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