The Harder Right

Opposition Tests Our Mettle

I don’t get the opportunity to talk with everyone I meet, but by my example I can do a lot more than talk, I can show. I think as I progress, things will continue to get better. I really think and feel that sometimes it’s only when we get pushed to the wall that we show our true character. Not to say that only when we get desperate or run out of options, but rather, when the opposition comes.

Sometimes it’s not even about what we do when we’re against the wall, but also what we do when the opposition stops. What we choose to do and think and be during and after the opposition shows our true hearts.

I mean lets face it, opposition comes whether we want it to or not, we can’t control it. It’s easy to follow a one lane road until the end, but when it has hurdles, roadblocks, forks and breaks in it, that’s when we choose our life. We have choice every step of the way and it’s what we choose to do and think that becomes our nature.

The important part of all this, is that we need to choose to think and be someone that God wants us to be.

In a quote from our dear prophet:

“May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong”                                                                                                                                    Thomas S. Monson

2016 7 18 view 3
A photo of part of Obuasi

Still Working Hard

This week was good. We did some hard work and we kept at it. Improvement is a steady, small process, but it happens as we keep trying. Well, thats what we’re doing, we are just keepin on.

Not much to report on other than I’m sending some photos!  My camera isn’t the best for this kind of shooting, but y’know, I’m pretty lucky to have a camera at all.

Oh! I cooked a tomato stew for some rice. The stew was rather nice. 🙂 Take a look. Ha ha

2016 7 18 Ben made stew

I agree with you, Mom, that the time is going fast and going slow at the same time. We just gotta keep it going and work for the Lord!


Stay Strong,

Elder Gilbert

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