Sweet is the Work, One Year in Ghana 10/31

*Editor’s Note –  This post is late, sorry for that. The original date of the email is in the title.

The Work is Progressing

Oh, how I wish I didn’t forget my card reader today! Luckily, another Elder in the internet cafe had one. Yay!  The first picture is with Elder Wanadi. The other is of the food I ate in celebration of my 1 year on mission! Woo hoo!

Elder Wanadi, my new companion.

Elder Wanadi is from DRC Or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His national language is French and Lingala. But he speaks fluent English and he understands some swahili and another language as well. But in DRC they try to speak an “American” English, so his accent is different than that of Ghana. Sometimes I’ll propose we go to see one investigator and he’ll say “Okay, Leggo.” It’s funny when he does that actually. My last companion, Elder Nuamah, went to a mountain called Nkawkaw (EN-co-co) and he is still a zone leader there.

American food is a special treat to celebrate my one year mark on my mission.

The Work is Progressing

This last week was busy; one day we only taught one lesson.  The rest of the day was spent helping with transfers to make sure that everyone got to their apartments safe and stuff. Some of the Elders who are training are still a bit new on their missions. I think even the new missionaries that are American are ready to adjust and get working. It’s pretty awesome. I was a bit nervous when first thinking about the responsibilities, but I’ve been thinking so much more about the welfare of my Zone members. It still feels good!

I can tell you that when Elder Wanadi and I have been teaching recently, I’ve really been feeling the Spirit. I’ve gotten a lot better at being friendly to Ghanaians in a way that they’ll open up, then from that I listen to the Spirit and discern what they need to hear and teach it to them. Elder Wanadi also knows the scriptures very well and asks great questions to help the investigators think. We’re a good companionship I can feel it.

Like today for instance, we did our bit of proselyting and we found this guy near his house sweeping. We helped him sweep his porch and he gave us a seat. We talked to him and he told us that he feels bad that he hasn’t been praying. So we taught him about repentance and he was yearning for more. By the end he was asking where we worship because he hasn’t been to church in a long time. We then turned the lesson into teaching about what makes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints different from all the other churches and taught him about Priesthood and he was seriously understanding it. Bismark is his name and he’s just an all around really great guy that I already care so much about.

The only unfortunate thing is that we ran out of copies of the Book of Mormon last week and we won’t get any til November 10th…. I don’t like proselyting without the Book of Mormon to hand out. It makes me feel like something is missing.

Some Answers to Some Questions

Am I looking forward to my twentieth birthday?  Who knew that my birthday would come up so fast? I’ll have to get a bottle of Soymilk and toast with you to the same on Sunday night! I’ll get all the Elders in the apartment to join in as well. Yeah, It will be a nice birthday. 🙂

Do we eat an American breakfast? I get to make french toast every now and again here in Ghana because we can buy syrup, but other than that I seriously miss breakfast for dinner at home on Sundays. I promise the first Sunday when I’m back I’ll help with as many things as I possibly can. I might even throw in as much Ghanaian twist as I can…. 😉

How are the running shoes working out with my nasty Ghanaian athlete’s foot?  The running shoes are great! My athlete’s foot is still hanging on somehow. It’s getting better due to some medicine that President Cosgrave gave me, (stronger than the powder you sent to me).  But I proselyte in my flip flops. I’ve been doing this for at least 3 weeks now. It feels good and weird at the same time… Ah well it’s all apart of the experience!

A look at my “tank” sandles from my perspective. They are really great and standing up well to the constant use!
All in all, I’m just absolutely loving it!

Happy 1 year, and here’s to another year of hard work in the Service of the Lord!

I love life, I love God, and I love Ghana!

Love forever,

Elder Gilbert

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