Transfers Again 10/24

 * Editor’s Note – This post is late; sorry for the delay. The date is added in the title to show the original date of the email.

Hey Guess what?!

New Transfers are this week! I’ll give you a picture of my new companion next week. His name is Elder Wanadi, We’ll meet each other on Wednesday (I am staying in Obuasi).
The most interesting thing is that, like me, he’ll be going from one of the smallest areas in the mission to one of the biggest. Seriously, my area here is huge. I can’t even get to all the places. I spend a lot of time traveling around the zone. The geographical size is big, and also the density of population.

Yeah Obuasi!

I’m now a ‘Senior Companion Zone Leader’ so I have more responsibility. On top of that, almost the entire zone is training new missionaries so I’ll be in close contact with all our missionaries in the zone. Responsibility and being an example. Gotta love the work, right? I’ll keep fighting the good fight, Mom.

This is me as I send this email. I cut my own hair again.

Somethings New

Hey guess what! On top of everything else I’ve eaten, we can add snake and octopus to the list as well! I love the adventure this world brings. I love being able to share the Gospel here in Ghana, I absolutely love it.

And I also got new running shoes! They cost 190 Cedis (around 45-50 Dollars) and he said they come from Italy and I trust this guy, so I think I got some that will last (there are a lot of products that are knockoffs here). They were the most comfortable shoes that that guy had so we’re making do with what we got, right?  That’s not the only thing I got from Italy! A recent convert gave us some super nice mineral water from Italy as well. Man, people are so nice!

Another thing, because I’m still striving to learn the piano and my companion writes songs on the guitar, I too have started trying to write a song. It’s not easy, I don’t really spend a lot of time doing it, being busy proselyting and such, but it is fun! I’m not sure if I mentioned this last week but we’re teaching a guy who basically lives in his studio and it’s awesome. I definitely want to look into sound engineering as a hobby when I get back.

More News and African Culture

To state some wordly news as well, the illegal miners called Galimse (ga-limb-say) miners are getting moved out. They’re called that because they were known as gather and sell miners, but for the uneducated that couldn’t speak english well, it became a word on its own, thus Galimse.  I think the government recently found out about them because some soldiers had to come to Obuasi because of some small gang violence. Two small suburbs are fighting, Tutuka and Kofikrom. The reason the soldiers had to come was because one from Tutuka was brutally murdered. One of my members showed me a picture with no warning. It looked like at least 20 cuts across the back and neck and head with a cutlass. It was bloody and I hated it.  I really don’t understand gang violence. There are probably a lot of underlying factors that I don’t see, but I’d rather spend my time thinking about The Gospel of Jesus Christ, so I won’t go any deeper on that.

So that’s what happened and stuff this week!  Love you so much, Pops!

Elder Gilbert

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