Time Passes By So Quickly


This is Elder Gilbert with a family from the branch.

(Original emails dated November – December, 2016 as noted with entry. SG)

Busy Times and Short Emails

The work is going! We are working with a few people, Regina, Steven, Stephen, and Stephen. I’m literally teaching 3 people named Stephen. Another man named Kofinti who boldly declared today that he would be baptized before Christmas, and I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure he does. 11-21

This week was rather quick and boring. I got sick wednesday night, I was just sneezing like crazy unexpectedly, and then my throat started to burn. The next morning I was just sick, sick, sick. I worked hard to prepare in the morning and do some good studies, but after companion study I just laid down for 3 hours. Then all my symptoms were things like small malaria or a sinus infection. I had body aches in my muscles and joints, burning throat, exhaustion, ear ache, stuffy nose, cloudy mucus, basically everything was wrong with me. But I’m better now. I was just down for about 3 days, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but I was able to do small small things. For example, we visited one person on Friday and did baptismal interviews on Saturday. I didn’t want to push myself and make it worse, but I didn’t want to shrink either. I think all in all, it was good. Being out in the hot sun just kills my brain and makes symptoms worse.

In addition, this coming week will be crazy as well. On Tuesday we have plenty of meetings in Obuasi, Wednesday we travel to Kumasi again for a meeting on Thursday that will take the whole day, and Friday is weekly planning and some more meetings. After that, we’re changing things up here in Ghana Kumasi mission, P day will be on Saturday with transfers next monday (one week from today). So email me on Friday and I’ll email back on Saturday!   I’m still doing well and everything is great! 😀  11-28 

This week’s report is going to be kinda short…more like really short, know why? cuz I’ve been busy like crazy and nothing really happened except traveling and meetings and handling people in the Zone. We haven’t even planned like we shoulda for next week cuz we were out visiting the Elder’s apartments and stuff. We even took one companionship to the hospital because there is some bad stuff going down with this one sister. They can’t figure out her sickness.

As far as Transfers are concerned, there will be nothing for me this time. I’m still in Obuasi. So, that makes it 5 transfers in Asuoyeboah and 5 transfers in Obuasi (each transfer is six weeks). Dad- go and tell that to the Elder’s quorum and let me know what they say. xD  But anything can happen next transfer and stuff. I honestly think that I’m gonna stay in leadership for a while because President has been holding onto his leaders for a long time, especially because Obuasi has improved a lot since me coming here.

That’s about it for this week! Love you! 12-4

We recently split the area and are coping with losing every investigator. It’s not easy, but it just gets me more motivated to get the work moving again! This is awesome! I love it!  12-12

This and That…

Man, How is Grandpa doing? Was Grandpa happy that the Cubs won the world series?

Yay, Judy! I’m so happy for her! How is she doing as well? She’ll love the temple so much.

What?! Spencer’s getting married?! Thats Crazy!  He’s only been home for about a year, right? I already told Scott that he’s the best man at my wedding, he would be totally bummed if he couldn’t make it because of his mission.

I’m still doing well and everything is great! 😀
I’m doing well, sorry for bad emailing this past few weeks. Everything is going great! 😀

I will do all in my power to be the best that I can be.

With all my heart,

Elder Gilbert

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