Who Knew You Could Miss Cereal So Much

Feb 20, 2017

Wa is Opening

This past week we went to and from Kumasi and it was really, really neat. It was about a seven hour journey on the nicest Charter bus I’ve ever been on before. Big news in the mission! Wa (a town in Northwestern Ghana) just had their first Sacrament meeting on Sunday! The work is progressing and growing. I want to be one of the first missionaries to open Wa, so we’ll see when we get there! How neat would that be?

Staying in Shape

Anyway, I’m just happy. I even started exercising a lot more seriously this week because we have extra time due to a missionary worldwide schedule change that basically ensures that I exercise! I have gone on a couple runs with another Elder, but if he’s too tired for a run I usually do stations and jump rope! Ain’t life grand? I’m getting pumped for upcoming track season and want to start training for my own future career. Love it! Just, love it! 😀

We had quite the adventure today! For P-day (a day we get to prepare for the week by shopping, laundry, email home, etc.) we had a zone activity where the Bolga Elders came down to Tamale. We helped with their travel costs so that we could all play football (soccer) together and have a good time! We played four games with mixed teams. Every time, like most times, I improved as the game went on and I didn’t get tired very easily. It was on a concrete platform as big as indoor soccer with posts that were proportional to the pitch. At first we played 8 v 8, but later in the last two games it dropped down to 6 v 6. Man, it was so much fun! And here is the kicker, each game lasted for about one hour each. I played Soccer none stop for FOUR hours, mom! And you know me, I was the one running around the most. I even scored a goal! I had a couple more really good attempts and a few assists, but I’m progressing! Yay progression!

On a side note… Mom, you said you were eating Honey Nut Cheerios in your email and Ohhhh buddy, I miss Honey Nut Cheerios! I’m telling you- the most exciting part about being a leader in this mission is when we go for our monthly leadership meeting in Kumasi. Those that stay over like myself get fed breakfast by the Mission President’s wife. It normally consists of juice and cold cereal and it is incredible! Who knew that Fruity Pebbles would become such a hot commodity between missionaries. We are practically shoving to get to those rainbow colored miracles!

Life is going great. I’m always super happy to email on Mondays!

Love with all of my might,


2017 2 13 Chillin with people cooking2017 2 13 Pounding dried Okro

This is a picture is of me pounding dried Okro. It’s like a vegetable that they use in making specific soups and stews, but I’ve only seen it black and pounded like this in Tamale. Even my companion who is from Cape Coast hasn’t seen it like this. We’ve been doing a lot of service with just helping people to cook and laughing with them and they really love and respect us after we do that. (Especially me being a white man) Normally the okro is green but here it was black and dried, as you can see inside.  Okro. I think it’s native to Ghana. It’s slimy on the inside.

Some notes about a package that Elder Gilbert sent home:

Okay for starters, I’m so glad you got my package! The note was an Elder who spent like 2 dollars worth on packing tape alone and just wrapped the whole box while I was showering after packing it all inside myself. He’s just funny. His name is Elder Porter and he and I made the American Christmas dinner together so we’re good buds. They ended up cutting open the box to inspect the contents anyway… Oh well!

The 3 people stand is made from one piece of wood and represents Unity. It goes with the bowl to help it stand up and I’m sure it signifies that with unity great things can be accomplished. The symbols on the side have great meaning. The one you have seen on the bowl and some of the masks is Gye Nyame or Accept God. It’s a religious symbol signifying the need of God in our lives. It’s the one that almost looks like 2 yin yangs back to back. The Elephant is significant of good luck, especially with its trunk up in the air.


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