White Shirts & Ties and Bolga

Feb 27, 2017

Going To Visit Bolgatanga

This week was really awesome. We ended up going to Bolgatanga to switch places with some other Elders for a short period of time (we call that going on exchanges). That place is super sweet. You can literally see the Spirit working in people who just come up and talk to us.

“We see your white shirt and tie uniform and we want to know what you do.”  

“We are missionaries. We share a message about Jesus Christ to help people come to know the truth about Him. Would you like to know more?”  

“Yes, very much. Where do you worship?”

It’s crazy how faithful and humble those people are up there. And it was super sweet to help out those Bolga Elders in teaching and other things. They’re really humble too and really obedient Elders. I’d say they’re just about perfect for Bolga. Also, I got to see my own hand in the transfers of missionaries. And I got to teach more missionaries and get taught by missionaries through exchanges… cuz those things are just huge learning processes. But for the most part things were just crazy busy and we hardly got any time in our own area this past week. Going to Bolga takes three days. I’ve got some photos.


2017 2 20 Bolga Chapel 1
Bolgatanga Chapel. It’s more like a series of rooms on the inside of a compound house on the 2nd floor.
2017 2 20 Bolga Chapel 2
Bolga Chapel
2017 2 20 Bolga Chapel 3
Bolga’s Baptizmal Font

Oh yes, I forgot to mention. When we were returning from Bolga, our car broke down about 15 minutes outside of Tamale and of course I had to get them photos.

2017 2 20 Elder Antwi
The road to Tamale, Elder Antwi, and me.
2017 2 20 Fifteen min out of Tamale
Welcome to Africa!
2017 2 20 the Road to Tamale
The road to Tamale.

Answers to Some Questions

What is a difference you have noticed in Tamale from other areas?  In Tamale there are a lot more whites than in Kumasi. Probably because the northern region is the poorest and a lot of people come for the Peace Corps and stuff like that.

What is the Church like in Wa?  Yeah, so Wa has about twelve members, four or so are Melchezidek Priesthood holders. I haven’t heard any update about their status as to whether they are a branch or a group yet. The Area Office was deciding that one, last I heard. I went to Bolga this past week. Both of those places are really prepared. Seriously, the Lord is working wonders up in the north of Ghana. It was awesome, seriously awesome to see the Lord’s hand so apparent.

What kind of animal life are you seeing in Tamale?  A lot of the same kind of stuff …a lot of goats, sheep and stuff. I’ve seen some ducks, chickens…oh, and a ton of cows that look sickly. I can count their ribs from a 40-yard distance.

2017 2 13 Cows on the highway
The cows of Tamale.

But in Bolga (I think I mentioned this before) there are a lot of pigs. The pigs are everywhere in Bolga. They’re like goats to Obuasi.

2017 2 20 Pigs in Bolga
The pigs of Bolga have longer snouts than American hogs.

It’s hard to believe that February is almost behind us. (Editorial note: yes, I’m that far behind…but I will catch up) Time has been moving super fast these past six weeks. Maybe it’s being in a new area or maybe it’s traveling around a lot, who knows. Other than that, I’ve just had some crazy awesome dreams! My imagination runs wild in the night.

Love to all,



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