Temporal Crocodiles

May 1, 2017

Well, this week there will be plenty of pictures!

The reason I’m emailing so late in the day and you probably thought you missed me was because of this…We went to Paga! Get out your maps, folks, cuz it’s about northwest of Bolga, following the west road that goes past Navrongo and leads up to the border. Guess what’s there?


Man, it was super sweet and fun. Waaaaay fun. While I was sitting on him, he started to move away. They told me to pat him on the back and he settled right down. Imagine! A croc moving underneath you! Ha ha! It was an experience of a lifetime and a looooong journey too. We started at 10 am and got back at 8 pm. Sweet!

I got a lot of videos on top of it. The pictures are mainly of me with the croc, but there is one of me and my companion with the croc. Enjoy!

2017 5 1 Crocodile 1 crop

There are about 100 Crocs in the pond and are thought of as sacred animals. They have never bitten anyone.

Here is more information on this well-known Ghanian attraction:


Amazed by Grace

On another front: I’ve just been on top of the world recently. Something amazing happened yesterday!  Seeing as it was the Sabbath, I really set out to feel the Spirit all throughout the day. I remembered that the Spirit only comes by a prayer of faith, so I prayed with my heart on this desire. What I felt yesterday was amazing. I was happy the whole day. Even when I made a mistake or had a small setback I wouldn’t mind, but put it out of my mind and moved on. The only way I can describe how happy I was feeling is to say that I felt like my true self. I felt like I had a bit of a glimpse of the person God really wants me to be. I was patient and confident, I was loving and caring, and I was feeling the Spirit of God. Later that day, I felt such an appreciation for the Gospel in my life. I don’t know how to fully explain this one, but as I was pondering all of this I just started to feel tears well up small. All of these missionary blessings, and yet I run into a brand new grace just like that that helps me to feel on top of the world. I know I’ve only been out for 18 months, but I’m already so grateful of the man that I’m becoming and will yet become with this remaining 6 months. Mom, I’m just so happy to be here and to be alive. That’s what I felt yesterday.

Weaving Service into Our Day

We met this man who is Muslim but at one point in his life attended bible school, so he’s really chill about talking about Jesus Christ and all that. His name is Oscar. He’s been weaving this cloth for about 6 years now. This type is different than the ties that I’ve sent home. Those are called Kentay. This is more of what is known as smock material. I’ve also got a couple of those, so you’ll see them later. 🙂 What the pictures show here is me doing a little bit of service in weaving.

2017 5 1 Weaving 22017 5 1 Weaving Again2017 5 1 Weaving for Oscar

No Middle Ground

Recently I’ve been sick and have had to stay home to recuperate. While resting I was reading Teachings of the Presidents of the Church and pondering some of the messages there. Gordon B. Hinckley was talking about testimony and made a statement whereby he said that either the church was true or it isn’t. Either Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ in the year 1820, or he made it all up. There is no gray area, no middle ground. To continue to apply this to me, either I’m engaged in the most important work of all mankind, or I’m not. Either I’m helping men and women to come unto the Savior and unto Salvation, or I’m pushing and pulling people from one religion to another. And as I was thinking about all this, a bold thought came to me, “If not us, then who?”

To explain… if truly Joseph Smith made it up and I’m not a part of the True Gospel, then where can it be found? There is a very pleasing doctrine that is popular among Ghanaians: “Your church is true and my church is true, we’re all true, so therefore God will save us all.” I always tell my investigators, “Well, if that’s true then that means one of two things; either God is a liar, or God is divided.” So I invite everyone to truly ask the Author of Truth where the truth is.

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him.” James 1:5

Personally I think that all men yearn to be in the right. My question is, how do we know what is right?

Generally we ask authorities or scholars in a particular subject of learning…perhaps a coach, a parent, or a teacher. God is all that and more.

God is not silent; He answers prayers.

He loves all of His children, so why wouldn’t He tell you what is truth?


Have a great week.


Elder Gilbert

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