Blood Tests, Russian Doctor, and Recuperation

April 24, 2017

Well, this week was kinda rough.

One More Rough Week

From last Saturday until last week Thursday we were inside. We were feeling really good on Thursday but decided that because the Mission President said that we needed to take it easy on ourselves, we should take one more day. Friday we went to the hospital because President Cosgrave set us up with a doc over there. She was young, about 26 or so, had schooled in Russia, and was super cool. They kept poking needles into me. Over the course of this sickness, I’ve received 3 different blood tests. It was kind of funny. Even though my companion and I had the same thing, I was the one getting all the tests done and going to the hospital. I really think his test results would’ve shown the same thing anyway. It wasn’t actually malaria, but it felt like it. I dunno, something terrible attacked my system. What ever it was, it was not fun.

Then the following day, Saturday, we went and helped another missionary who has a spinal problem get to the doctor and spent all day there as well. Except we didn’t forget our purpose! We taught the whole time we were at the doctor’s office on Friday. Saturday there wasn’t as many people so it was more difficult. But on Friday we handed out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon and even helped a guy get the Gospel Library app! It was super sweet.

We also have been teaching this older man named George, who has a testimony, but is struggling to act because he is a Sunday school teacher in his own church. Some of the best lessons I’ve had on my mission are with this guy. He’s awesome.

New Goals

Hey! I watched Mountain of The Lord while I was sick, and it was awesome. In honor of that and Wilford Woodruff’s journaling, I’ve decided to be more diligent in my own journal writing and have started writing everyday again, but for about a month I was shaky. Now everything is better!

I’m gonna really try to watch myself more in the way of diet. Mom, as you said with Saylor and how he was malnourished when he came home from Sierra Leone, well, I don’t want to be.  So yeah! Back to my health kicks: vitamins, fruits and vegetables, T25, the whole 9 yards.

My Companions

My current companion, Elder Leird, and I are getting along great. We kind of both have our way of doing stuff, but we compromise and ignore each other’s imperfections so we just move along with absolutely no problems. Also, I turn 18 months on Saturday, so there’s that! I’ve been Ghana long time! 😀

2017 5 22 Elder Leird and Amina
A member from the branch named Amina, Elder Leird, and me.
2017 4 17 Ben with zone companions 2
My three companions while serving as a Zone Leader, before Elder Leird.

Take care.


Elder Gilbert

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