Baptism, Double Cheeseburgers, and Effiduase

May 22, 2017

My week was good. We thought that we would have a whole week to spend in our area, but we had things come up. A companionship wasn’t getting along at all so we helped them out on Tuesday. Then we had to escort a companionship to the hospital, so even less time in our area.

But… we had a baptism and confirmation this week for a woman named Salema.

2017 5 22 Sister Salema
Sister Selema after her confirmation.

She had been coming to church for a long time but because of difficulties that would arise, she just hadn’t been baptized. Throughout her life this woman has had challenge after challenge. It was a blessing to baptize her; I even got to do the ordinance myself! I know she will be a blessing to the branch. She is very strong in her faith. And with my final Sunday I leave with a bang! Yep, I’m getting transferred this week!

My Last Sunday in Tamale

I will be very sad to leave Tamale. The branch welcomed me with open arms and I just loved them. It’s like a family here in the small branch, and I made like three people cry when I told them I would be leaving. I got a little emotional myself when I was bearing my final testimony. No tears but my voice shook at times.

2017 5 22 Elder Leird and Amina
Elder Leird and myself with Amina, a member from the branch who used to be Muslim.

So, in celebration, I just had some really nice food; a double cheeseburger with fries! We celebrated my three transfers in Tamale (18 weeks). I’m going to a place called Effiduase. It’s about one hour north/northeast of Kumasi.

Map of Effiduase

I’ve also been released as a zone leader. It has been quite the experience; I’ll say that! It’s been stressful but a blessing to have served in that way. Ten full months of it. I feel about this assignment the same way Grandma felt about family coming to visit; “You are happy to see them come, and happy to see them go.” It looks like I’ll have more time to do missionary work now and not spend so much time organizing others. So it’s back to full, full-time proselyting.

It has been a blessing to serve as a zone leader and serve as a regular missionary. I am grateful for both.

My New Area: Effiduase

I’m pretty sure my new area is bush. And by bush I mean village. haha

Yeah, jungle and less developed and stuff like that. I believe my new companion will be a missionary who came to the MTC with me, and the Branch presidency in Effiduase has recently been reorganized. Well, that’s about all I know about where I will be starting on Wednesday 🙂

Love to all,

Elder Gilbert

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