The Rain in Effiduase

May 29, 2017

I’m in My New Area

This week was good! I am finally in Effiduase, and the area is mostly like a village. There are spots with nice paved roads and some good buildings but mostly bush. I think the whole town is developing “small small.” But it’s really good and it feels nice to be here. I think I’ll like it. I’m in a branch and it’s struggling a bit, so I’ve heard, but it seems okay from what I’ve seen. The area is very green and huge with lots of villages and bush. It’s not as densely populated as Tamale, but more total people with one part being just a series of towns.

First on the list of things to do is a renewed focus on my work. I was reading from President Hinkley’s Teachings. I was reading under obedience about getting distracted from the best with the good or even the great things (good, better, best). And this hit home to me. In fact, now more than ever I feel confident that I’m going to be exactly obedient and nothing will stop me from that.

2017 5 29 Road in Effiduase

2017 5 29 path through Effiduase
This is Effiduase scenery…small roads but a very large area. This is a big change from the savannas of Tamale.

New Companion

My companion is called Elder Naawu. He is my ninth companion and my fifth Ghanaian companion. He’s cool.

2017 5 29 Elder Naawu

I Have a Story

I experienced a miracle yesterday. For some time now Effiduase has been out of water and we’ve had to fetch and buy water sacheys. On Thursday night, however it rained and we filled all of our buckets and water storage cans to over flowing. That lasted us until Sunday morning, where we used it for bathing and the last flush of the toilet before Church. After church when we were in the apartment, I looked up at the sky and saw that it was partly cloudy. No way were we going to get rain but we did!

Before it came, I had a prayer in my heart that it would be very nice if it would rain. It came as a sprinkle around 6pm (Elder Naawu was having stomach problems and was resting to get better). I immediately put water barrels under the rain gutters that pour streams out of them whenever it rains. I then said another prayer asking that could it please come down harder, enough for us to get by until today. Right after saying “amen,” I received an impression saying, “What are you doing to show your faith?” So I went inside and grabbed more buckets and put them under the run-off from the roof. After getting the last bucket into place, the rain came harder. I said prayers of gratitude and saw that we had enough to get by, but God didn’t stop there. He kept it raining until every bucket was filled.

Just as the last bucket was receiving it’s very last drops, the rain came to a stop. We had a rainstorm that was just barely enough to fill everything? I’d say that’s a miracle. I said one last prayer of gratitude and then I heard the Lord say to me, “Well if you’re willing to stand out in the rain to make sure everything is in place and moving smoothly, I’m willing to do something about it”

What a lesson of faith, to myself. I just kind of marveled and danced around in the front yard of the apartment. The rain had stopped, but it had served its purpose. I feel like that’s the Lord’s attitude for us all in our callings and in other things. If we do our part, He’s willing to do His. I really felt the warmth of the Spirit throughout the whole experience even though I was soaking wet!

I miss home, but I’m glad to be here. Today, I believe, is my 19th month on my mission. With my companion and I being MTC mates (we arrived on the same date), our calendars are lined up.

I love this work and I’m so happy to be a missionary. The Spirit feels so good. To do what is right is my code, to live with integrity is my love.

I love this Gospel and I know that it’s true!

Love to all,

Elder Gilbert

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