Sunshine in the Soul

June 12, 2017

This week was pretty busy with a couple of fun things.

A Visit to a School

First, I have a story I would like to tell that involves two young women in a nearby Islamic boarding school. They are members, one from Accra and one from Tamale! The one from Tamale happens to be President Gakpo’s daughter from Kanvilli Branch. I got to know her before she left to go to Effiduase to school and I told her that I would only be able to see her if I got transferred to Effidause. That was about week 2 or 3 of last transfer. To be honest, I thought that the chance of me being transferred here was slim to none. Well, I’m very happy that I was able to go see her at her school. Her name is Enyonam. We visited the two girls yesterday because the second Sunday is the only visiting day they get each month. I got permission from the Branch President, President Wenchi, here in Effiduase, and we took them the sacrament to them. It was super cool because as soon as I told them that I had it with me, they both started jumping up and down in excitement to partake in the ordinance while at school. I felt so good after doing that service because of the Spirit, because I initiated and arranged for it all, and because this was a much needed ordinance. I truly felt like I was on the Lord’s errand in a special way. I felt like a true agent of myself and that I used that agency to bless and do the Lord’s will. I was really happy to be able to do it.

2017 6 12 Two school girls
The two young women in their Islamic boarding school

A Service Project

Next, I took my bush clipping skills I gained from Grandpa’s yard-work job and hacked into some bushes at the Church house. They were all different sizes, so I clipped them a certain way that I thought made them look uniform and good! Everyone at the Branch complimented me for it, mainly because I think they didn’t have any experience cutting or shaping them. I used hand clippers, so it proved a little more difficult and I definitely messed up on a couple, but I got the job done!



Continuing from that one, I deep cleaned our apartment kitchen today. Having had no water has caused us to neglect it hardcore. It was smelly. But it was raining while we were cleaning, so I guess we did have running water! Ha ha! I scrubbed the walls and felt like I was doing the job right! All of that cleaning and doing it well and stuff really makes me feel like I can succeed in a home-life setting.


2017 6 12 Clean sink
A look at the apartment kitchen.


2017 6 12 Clean Kitchen

2017 6 12 Elder Gilbert Dirty Mirror
Elder Gilbert after all that cleaning. 

This and That

To Mom- I got the package you sent: Yes everything was in the package just as you described it and it arrived just fine (except they held it for awhile, opened it, and charged me a lot to retrieve it, plus I worried things were missing). I was just worried. It is a wonderful package! I really appreciate it, especially the letter. I really loved that one. I got a bit emotional while reading it.

To Dad: I finally completed your challenge. Though late, I finished reading Jesus The Christ! Bam! That’s right! That’s like a book version of a Quadruple Cheeseburger from Red Robin. I don’t know if Red Robin even sells that type of sandwich, but we’ll just have to imagine what that’s like…then in book-form? That’s Elder James E Talmage’s Jesus The Christ for you. All the dictionary-look-ups were worth it, cuz that book was awesome. Honestly, it’s like a very close look into Jesus Christ’s mortal ministry with a lot more context and historical background. I LOVED it. P.S.- I still look up to you as my example. I still want to be just like you when I grow up, Dad.

With love and happiness,

Elder Gilbert

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