Another Learning Curve

June 5, 2017

Learning My Way Around In My New Area

This week was slow, still feeling my way around the area, trying to survive and learn it fast.

Effiduase is a branch. I think about 70-100 members on record, with about 30-40 attending every week. Some people say this is a hard area, but so far I’m loving it! I think others have thought it to be hard because of how large and spread out it is. Much of the area is bush so therefore education is lower. But I really think that it’s going to be fun because of the people. I’ll keep working as hard as I can.

I’m probably going to finish Jesus The Christ this transfer. I’ve been nibbling it for my whole mission, but now I’m going for it. I love, love, love to learn about my Savior. I hope this thirst of knowledge about Him never leaves me.

The rain story was truly a tender mercy, it’s a small thing, but it was so big to me. I love it!

2017 6 5 Elder Naawu and Ben with the Joseph Gogo, Sandra, and Amanda
Joseph Gogo, Sandra, and Amanda with Elder Naawu and Elder Gilbert

I sent a picture from a baptism! They’ll be confirmed next week. They are a really sweet family and it was a really sweet baptismal service…very reverent. The girls are the sister and neice of the man that baptized them, so it was more of a family moment. They come from Wa and are very, very wonderful people. I really like the Northerners.

This and That

Learning the Native Cooking: I’m gonna try to learn a lot of nice dishes from my current companion, he’s Ghanaian and willing to teach me. We have a good relationship, so the work just moves. In fact, the weeks go by like days.

Water Shortage: The water being out is due to an overdue bill from before I was living there. They disconnected the water and can’t reconnect it. It really puts a damper on things. Yeah, rain will be coming almost every day for the next two months. Man, I can really say that I’ve missed the Ashanti region, a lot. Tamale was great but I couldn’t experience the same bush and hills that I love.

Making Some New Goals for Later: I’m serving with someone who’ll go home at the same time that I go home, so we talk a lot about what will happen when we go home and things of that nature. I’ve been considering a lot about what I’ll be doing, not necessarily school and all that, but the little things like my free time and stuff. I’ve been thinking about the time I wasted on videogames before, and though I want to have fun and be able to play them more, I know that I will limit myself. I will indulge rather in scripture study, family history indexing, temple work, developing talents, and serving-inside and outside of the house. It might seem ambitious, but I really don’t want to lose this Spirit I feel as a missionary.

With Love,

Elder Gilbert

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