Goats, Mango Leaves, and the Rain

June 26, 2017

There’s not too much to report this week. I’ve said it a lot in the chats, but I can at least say that I’m doing really, really well.

The Work is Moving Forward

This week we visited the village, Seniagya. There are some faithful people there and we were introduced to an investigator who pays tithing. Seniagya has a request in to become their own branch and we’re going to try to put on the finishing touches to get that done. We’re currently trying to take a tally of members and priesthood holders, but it’s a bit of a slow process. We’re hoping to get them all to come to our branch until they can sufficiently stand by themselves.

It’s not too far away from Effiduase, but enough that it becomes a reasonable expense for these people to come every week (in and out is six Cedis). We are looking into getting a car one week out of the month to bring them to church. When we do that, we will manage to see who is serious about coming and who is just following a social trend of a small village.

2017 7 10 Effidause chapel
This is the Chapel in Effiduase.
2017 7 10 Chapel Effidause
Front Entrance.
2017 7 10 baptismal font Effidause
Baptismal Font.

The Rain and Goats

We got beaten by the rain again this week. Effiduase is rainy and cold right now. We decided to cut down some of the branches of the mango trees in our yard because they were all hanging waaay too low. This attracted a bunch of goats and they’ve been eating all the leaves in the yard. It attracted so many goats, in fact, that one that was very pregnant gave birth in our backyard. The bad part is that it was a still-born kid. We had to clean it up when we found it the next morning. Not too fun, but it happens.

Loving the Scriptures

For scripture study, I’ve been reading before we go out and when we come back. If there’s anything keeping us from going out, I spend the time reading my scriptures.

Because of that…I’m doing well! I finished the Book of Mormon this past week. Yeah, it really feels good. So I’m diving head first into the Old Testament now (I’ve marked my quad so much that I ripped a couple of the pages). I want to finish the Bible before I get home. Right now, I’m on track for finishing the Bible within two months. I have a new copy of the Book of Mormon and I’m on track to finish that one before the end of my mission too!

I think I’ll retire my quad after my mission and buy a new one. I have a nice bead scripture bag with the Ghana flag on it.


With Love,

-Elder Gilbert

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