Another Transfer in the Books

July 3, 2017

This week was fairly good. I made some mistakes, had some learning experiences; I’m still repenting daily, so it’s all moving forward!

One thing that is really cool that is happening recently is that we’re working with this sister who is really, really powerful. We’ve born testimony so frequently that the last time we met with her, as she was saying the closing prayer she said, “Please let me know the truth; you have given the truth to the missionaries, so please let me have it too, Father.” Or something like that. We were actually on exchanges when that happened, but it was really awesome to hear about!

In regards to the transfer news… I’m still in Effiduase, I’m still with Elder Naawu, but we’re getting an additional companionship for 3 weeks! Elder Nuamah and another Elder are coming to our area for their last three weeks. President asked them to extend and they’re on special assignment for the branch to find the less actives and work with the Seniagya people.

A Visit From a Friend

I’m including some pictures this week: another transfer in the books, and me and a recent convert who visited me.

The recent convert is named Peterson, I don’t know if you remember him. I baptized him in Asuoyeboah. I call my recent converts from time to time, and when I told him I was back in Ashanti region he was super excited and wanted to come and visit me! He came yesterday and I talked to him about keeping the Sabbath day holy. After his baptism, Heavenly Father blessed him with a job and now it’s taken over his life. He works extremely hard. According to him he works from 7am-8pm every day. He’s in a shoe making apprenticeship and he’s chief apprentice. It was actually really, really cool to visit with him again. I still can’t believe he went from the west side of Kumasi all the way to Effiduase!

2017 7 3 Brother Peterson from Asuoyeboah
Peterson, a recent convert, who came for a visit.
2017 7 3 Ben's Calendar
My six week (time between transfers) calendar.

You Learn Something New Everyday

As customary to being in a village area, we have banana trees. I have to send some pictures home of what bananas really look like. I dunno I always imagined them to be a lot different, so here’s some proof of what they look like! kinda neat, huh?

2017 7 3 banana tree 2
A real banana tree!

2017 7 3 Banana tree 1

Diligence Wore Them Out

This my “Diligence” photo. You remember those honkin’ boots of proselyting shoes that I had? Well, I finally wore through them. That’s the hole! You can send the picture to Mission Shoe and they’ll send me a fresh pair!

Other than that, I’m still trying my best to be as diligent as I possibly can be. I’m beginning my last 18 weeks! That’s crazy!

Love to all,

Elder Gilbert

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