Small Acts of Service

July 10, 2017

Seniagya is Growing

Another transfer came and went, and I’m still with Elder Naawu. Elder Nuamah and Elder Hill got added to us for their last three weeks that they extended. Seniagya is doing well. The other two elders went there on Sunday to teach all the members and investigators. About 5 or 6 members and 11 investigators came. Next week they will hold sacrament meeting there. This is waaaay exciting.

This picture is of a part of Seniagya that is particularly bushy!

2017 7 10 Seniagya

Missionary work is good. There’s still not much to report on here in Effidause. The work is slow, for a number of reasons I can’t go into, but yeah. Take comfort, Mom, in knowing that I really am being as obedient as I can and that it is a deep desire within me to always be exactly obedient.

Service is Always in Style

I want to share a couple of experiences from last week. They involve helping people, because that’s one of my favorite things to do. I was going for a run with my companion and as we were going onto the main road, there was a taxi being pushed by two guys trying to get it started. I ran up to the taxi and just started pushing. We run that route often so I think they recognized me and as soon as I came they went from a slow walking push to a running pace to push the car. It took about 8 seconds away from my run and they got the car started and they were back on their way. They expressed their thanks and we were all smiling after.

The other experience I have is about another car that got stuck. This one I readily came to help but instead of just trying to brute force it, I stopped and surveyed the situation. The car had three wheels on the ground and one of the back wheels was in the air as they had gone over a big rut. The truck was rear wheel drive, so it was stuck. I sat there for about 20 seconds and the thought came to me to have my companion sit on top of the wheel-well of the tire that was in the air to get it back on the ground and moving (My companion weighs about 85kg, I think that’s close to 200lbs right?). It worked!

I tell these two stories to illustrate something. That we affect people much more by being an example and helping them rather than trying to direct and control them. I also say this because I’ve been considering more and more how I’m going to spend my time when I’m back home. I really, really want to lose myself in the service of others, both inside the family and out. That’s how I want to fill my extra time. Helping people is always nice, and making people happy helps me feel happy too. A mission is only the foundation for the rest of my life. I need to make the most of it!

This & That

Fireworks is Legal in Iowa! No Way! – Where did you blow off the fireworks? That’s wonderful! We’re no longer breaking the law for shooting fireworks! Yippee! 😀 Oh man, I really miss hot dogs and hamburgers.

The Legacy of the Shoes. – You asked about my shoes. And yeah, I gave my trainer the other pair at first. I gave it to him when he was lacking a good pair of shoes. He served his whole mission with that pair and another pair he got a couple months later. As he was going home, (I actually kinda replaced him here in Effiduasi), he left that pair here so that I would take them back and figure out what to do with them. I’ve given them to my current companion who is enjoying the comfort and sturdiness. I asked him to give them to another missionary as he goes home as well… Just trying to keep those shoes doing missionary work!

Grandpa has a Corvette! – Yay for Grandpa! And woah, a Corvette? Are you serious? I’ve got to see a picture of that! That’s incredible! Go Grandpa! I’m still praying to see him. Please send my greetings to him. I love him so much.

I’m trying to improve and get better and always stay vigilant. I love this work and I love The Lord. These last 4 months will fly by, I just want to do everything to make the most of it with no regrets!

Until next week,

Elder Gilbert

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