I Feel Like I am Part Ghanaian

July 24, 2017
2017 8 28 Ben with a girl
This little girl is so cute, that I had to include her picture!

The Work is Moving Forward

I can see some progress in our area. It can progress faster, I feel, but it’s still going well. I’ll take it at this pace for now and we’ll see what will happen in the near future. I think I mentioned this last week but we’ve been super focusing on making sure our investigators are reading The Book of Mormon to aid in their conversion and it’s really working! We have more people coming to church because of it. The people themselves say that they feel a difference in their lives since we’ve been meeting with them. (I even had an experience where someone tried to bring out Revelations 22 against the Book of Mormon but I pulled out like two historical facts and three scriptures and he was at a lack of words after. Not sure if he’ll take the Book of Mormon, but I did my best!)

For me in general I’m still doing what I can on a daily basis, I’m trying a lot harder to put more meaning into everything I do…especially in my prayers and in my scripture study. I feel like if I can take my time and really do those things with 100% real intent, my whole life will be influenced and I’ll be living with 100% real intent. I’m doing well, but I want to shoot higher and higher until I’m the best me that I can be!

Elder Nuamah and Elder Hill left yesterday and they’ll be on a plane tomorrow, it’s sad to see them leave, I really loved having them in the apartment. More fun and more support. We’ll be fine with the two of us, but it will for sure be a bit lonely.

Sickness Again

I’m okay, in fact I’m the one that is doing very well between me and my companion. He got Malaria, so we had to go to the hospital for some tests and he’s getting treatment. It’s a 3-day dosage of pills. You can ask Saylor about it, he’s had the experience 😉 For Ghanaians Malaria is pretty common, plus we caught the bug early so it wasn’t too severe.

This & That

About Home: Wow! Thank you for the low down on the family! I like it. It’s hard to believe that things are moving forward and times are changing. As I’m on my mission it feels like I’m in a hyperbolic time chamber. You can ask Brian or Michael about that one, it’s from Dragon Ball Z. 🙂

To My Parents: Really, I was looking at my pictures (from home) last night and I want you to know how dear you are to me. I absolutely adore both of you and feel blessed to be your son. You raised me right!

To Aiden: I loved being able to chat with you, Aiden. You’re a cool kid!

I’m loving the people and the work more with everyday that I’m here. Can you believe that in a little over three months I’ll be home? I know I’ll love to come home, but it will be more than hard to leave this place. I feel like I’m part-Ghanaian.

With all the Love and Spirit of a Son of God and a Latter Day Missionary,

Elder Gilbert

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