Agency: A Gift From Above

July 31, 2017

What is New?

I was trying to ponder about what I should tell you about this week, and not a lot was coming to my mind. Not that I don’t want to tell you things, but that I was thinking, what is new?


I think the thing that I’m really dealing with right now is the agency of others. Last week we had only one person come to church in Seniagya, and they came super late. It hurts because they’re all reading the Book of Mormon and we’re helping all of them understand it in simple terms, but the progress seems almost nonexistent.

2017 8 28 CTR rings
Did I tell you that I teach a Primary class in Effiduase? These are my students after I gave them each a CTR (Choose the Right) ring. I’m wearing a CTR ring as well (my hand is the large one). 🙂
2017 8 28 Ben's Primary Class
This is my Primary class. They are all awesome!

When I think about my agency and how I deal with things, I’ve really noticed a change in myself over time. Recently we were playing a soccer match and I royally messed up one time and the opposing team scored based on my mistake and my mistake alone. One of my teammates yelled at me. Not just a single word, but for several sentences. My first reaction was that I should just do something to spite him. But then, I decided to smile and to try my best to not let that mistake shake me, so I kept playing with all that I could. When he messed up a shot that was perfectly set up to him, the temptation came to yell at him and let him know how I felt like when he yelled at me, but I exercised my agency and chose not to. When the game was over we were joking together about the mistake I made and it was as if there was no harm or foul. This is one example of just a little change that I’ve made and that the Lord has made in me that will have great positive consequences later on.

This & That

The Weather: The bush is green and is still great! It doesn’t rain as much as it used to, but it still seems like it threatens to rain often. Still on the grind over here.

Solomon: He moved back to his hometown and will be back in about two weeks to start on semester classes. So we’re waiting for his return. Progression is slowly going but hopefully it will pick up when we have a transfer that will come up in two weeks.

Things at home: Sounds like the Sisters are doing great! Hopefully I can aid to their work when I get home as well. And yay for Saylor and Katie getting a new home! I’m totally gonna visit them like all the time! I’m trying to picture the place they are buying in my mental map of Mount Vernon. Is it close to the Railroad tracks? Man, congratulations to the Medic! I’m so glad that he’s found work.

When I hear about home, I wish I could be at the garden to help with the harvest! I want to learn all your gardening tricks so that I’ll be prepared when I start my own garden at my own house with my own family! Does that sound exciting or what? 😀

Elder Nuamah: I wanted to tell you that Elder Nuamah emailed me and he’s about to be called as the Sunday School President!

I love this Gospel and I know that My Redeemer lives! How glad I am to be a Gilbert and how glad I am to be a son of God! I love this work and I will stay strong!

With Love,

Elder Gilbert

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